Signs and Symptoms of Tree Stress (Plus Treatment)

Signs and Symptoms of Tree Stress (Plus Treatment)

While wandering the yard, did you spot something that looked a bit unusual? Perhaps a bare branch that’s usually bursting with leaves?

Your tree is lucky to have you looking out for it. The earlier you spot a problem on your tree, the better! Early or proactive tree treatment is almost always more effective.

Keep reading to find out if what you spotted is a serious or minor issue, then learn how to treat it.

Tree Stress Signs and Treatment

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  • The Tree Doctor May 30, 2018 >Hi Terry, I would recommend having a certified arborist come out to take a look at that tree. He or she will be able to provide you with an accurate diagnosis after inspecting the tree in person. Unfortunately, Davey Tree does not service your area. Here is a resource that will be helpful for finding a certified arborist or reputable tree service in your area: Best of luck. Here if you have any more questions, Terry.
  • Terry Perkins May 27, 2018 >We have a Ash tree that was planted less than a year ago when we moved in. The problem is, it's breaking limbs when the wind blows then it's got new growth on the broken limbs. Is it sick?
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