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If you’re into trees as much as we are, this page is for you. To us, trees are home, a secure and comforting haven. When their leaves rustle, their bodies sway in the wind and their crowns cast wide shadows, it makes us smile. Here, you’ll find our musings on trees, tree facts and news, tree photos, tree videos and other thoughts focusing on our passion for our greatest natural resource. Join us in the shade.

Why Does the Dormant Season Matter?

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Your trees shouldn't be ignored in winter. Dormant pruning has its benefits!

With fall upon us and winter on its way, dormant pruning is the hot tree care topic this time of year. In the icy, snowy, freezing winter months, your trees stop growing, but that doesn’t mean all plant health care should wait until spring.

On our latest edition of “Talking Trees,” ISA certified arborist Jim Houston explains why the dormant season is a great time to prune your trees. Check out the entire video and all of our “Talking Trees” segments here. 

Here are some benefits of dormant pruning:

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4 Reasons It's the Perfect Time to Prune

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Fall foliage creates beautiful outdoor scenery this time of year. But simply admiring trees' beauty won't ensure good health in coming seasons.

Now that the fall season is here, you may think this is the time to simply sit back, relax and wait for colorful leaves to fall from your trees. But, just because your trees’ dormant season, or the wicked winter, will be here soon, doesn’t mean they do not need your care.

Did you know? This is a great time to decide if your trees require pruning.

Here are just a few reasons why it’s the perfect time to prune:

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What Your Trees Are Trying to Tell You

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Are your trees getting too much water? Fungal diseases and infections could be the tell-tale signs.

We know our trees need water, but what happens when they get too much? If you experienced excessive rainfall during late summer, your trees may need some attention.

Since trees’ roots absorb water and oxygen, too much water in the roots may cut off the oxygen supply. This can lead your trees down a path to fungal disease or infection.

This time of year, be aware of the early signs of fungal diseases in your trees. Are you wondering what those signs may be?

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Why Native Plants Are More Important Than You Think

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Why are native plants so important, anyway? Davey Resource Group's Greg Snowden helps plant native perennials at the Ohio Statehouse during National Planting Day on Sept. 23.

Welcome, fall!

Volunteers "fluttered" about planting perennials at the Ohio Statehouse grounds in Columbus on the first official day of fall. But the shrubs and flowers they planted weren't just any old plants.

On Sept. 23, Davey Resource Group's Greg Snowden and Ken Christensen joined other volunteers at the Ohio Statehouse for Ohio's celebration of National Planting Day. Keep Ohio Beautiful hosted the public educational event at the South Plaza to help beautify the grounds by planting an Ohio Native Butterfly Forage Garden.

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The Lean, Mean, Green Pest Everyone is Looking For

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Davey District Manager Gordon Matthews leads the Boy Scout Troop of Stow, Ohio, through a park on an EAB hunt.

The little, pesky pest known as emerald ash borer (EAB) is taking the lives of ash trees near and far. In fact, more than one million ash trees in the U.S. and Canada have been harmed by EAB.

The best way to combat EAB is to be proactive and recognize if and when the infestation has occurred. Taking a small amount of time, even just 10 minutes, to check your trees for signs of an infestation could help save the lives of other local ash trees.

That’s why Gordon Matthews, district manager for Davey’s Akron tree services, joined Boy Scout Troop 177 of Stow, Ohio, to lead an EAB hunt. Matthews wanted to not only teach the troop about the importance of the EAB outbreak, but also the overall significance and benefits of trees.

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The Real Truth About Emerald Ash Borer

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Do you know the signs of an emerald ash borer (EAB) infestation? The galleries pictured above indicate EAB damage to the trunk of an ash tree.

In the world of pests, emerald ash borer (EAB) is certainly the “buzz” in several regions of the U.S. and Canada this year—but its capabilities are old news.

From Baltimore and Connecticut, to St. Louis and Boulder, the lean, mean, green-eating machine continues to establish its presence in communities that now face situations requiring them to make decisions about their ash trees. Yet, as scientists continue to research the best solutions to conquer EAB, the ash tree species continues to decline in the pest’s path.

So, what does this mean to you?

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Why Should You Hire a Certified Arborist?

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Certified arborists know your trees best. Choose an arborist you can trust with your tree care needs.

We are fast approaching the changing of the seasons, which can add stress to your trees. For example, if you experienced a drought-stricken summer and are expecting a hard, frigid winter, your trees may not be able to handle those weather extremes without proper care. A certified arborist can check your trees for existing damage and prepare them for the transition from summer to fall.

Davey’s professionally trained arborists know what you need to keep your trees growing strong, healthy and safe. Read below for more reasons why you should consider hiring a certified arborist from Greg Wilson, district manager of Davey’s West St. Louis residential tree services, on KTRS News and Talk Radio. Wilson joins Jim McMillan and John Shea for their Saturday morning “Inside Out” show 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. weekly. 

JM: When I was reading your “Technical Bulletin,” it dawned on me how many things are stacked against our trees and shrubs. When you figure soil condition, the different fungus diseases and the different insects we have, it’s a wonder that anything can grow here.

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Davey Helps Trees Give Back to the Environment

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The vegetable garden at the Sacramento River Discovery Center receives donated wood chips from Davey’s PG&E North Shasta crew.

Why fertilize? Because it helps promote healthy growth for the benefit of your trees, shrubs and lawns. In fact, fall is the perfect time for tree fertilization because your trees need replenished after losing many nutrients in the heat of summer.

It’s important for soils to retain nutrients all year long. It’s the natural components of the earth and other natural materials that help your green assets survive throughout the year and thrive in the growing season. That’s why the Sacramento River Discovery Center is so grateful for the wood chips donation one Davey crew has delivered to its property for several years.

Naturally nutritious. Trees don’t have to be living for some of their benefits to exist. In fact, one particular gardener from California has discovered trees give back to the environment, even after their roots have been lifted from the earth below.    

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