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  • Plant a Tree with a Click of a Button this Arbor Day

    When you plant a tree, you simply feel good.

    Maximize that feel-good moment this year. Snap a tree picture with the #pics4trees from Earth Day, April 22 to Arbor Day, April 29, and we’ll plant a tree by donating to the Arbor Day Foundation.

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  • The 3-Step Guide to Choosing a Safe Tree Service

    This post is part of our month-long “Selecting a Tree Service” series to offer tips for hiring a qualified tree care service. Check back every Tuesday of this month for a new post!

    If you’ve been browsing the web for tips on choosing a tree service, no doubt you’ve seen countless recommendations to work with licensed, insured and accredited professionals.

    Of course these credentials sound important, but what do they mean for you and your property? Ask yourself these three questions to determine how to hire a tree service that will keep your home and trees safe.

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  • Spring Tree Care Checklist: Prepare in 3 Phases

    Envision the moment when snow and ice slowly start to melt away from your landscape. The time sun peaks through after a stint of gloomy skies. Or, the day you can walk outside to soak up the fresh aroma of newly sprouted plants.

    We’ll bet you’re ready for spring. We know we are!

    Now is the time to make sure your trees are just as prepared. Follow the phases of spring tree care below to boost tree nutrients and strength for a healthy growing season.

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