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If you’re into trees as much as we are, this page is for you. To us, trees are home, a secure and comforting haven. When their leaves rustle, their bodies sway in the wind and their crowns cast wide shadows, it makes us smile. Here, you’ll find our musings on trees, tree facts and news, tree photos, tree videos and other thoughts focusing on our passion for our greatest natural resource. Join us in the shade.

Fall in Love with Healthy Trees This Season

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Fall is right around the corner. What are you most excited for... vibrant, healthy trees?

Crisp, cool air, toasty sweaters and scarves, the smell of cozy campfires, and, of course, all things pumpkin: What’s not to love about fall?

Whether you look forward to the hayrides, pumpkin carving or the vibrant oranges, reds and yellows within trees’ canopies, fall is right around the corner. Before we even finish our last bite of warm apple pie, our trees will shed their leaves; their bare branches facing winter’s wrath.

But because you’ll be eager to greet spring’s bright, green leaves and strong roots before you know it, take some time to prepare your trees this fall, before the ground freezes! While you plan your Halloween costumes and Thanksgiving treats, follow these guidelines from our fall checklist to help keep your trees healthy:

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Pump Some Iron... For Your Trees!

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Just like you, proper health and "fitness" benefit the lives of your trees, too!

Would you rather take a morning jog in the park, a brisk walk around the block with your dog or a country road adventure on your bike? Whichever is your favorite way to stay fit, you can count on summer’s warm, sunny weather to present the perfect opportunity to keep your body strong and healthy by exercising outdoors.

Getting up and moving around is great in any sense, but exercising outdoors provides added benefits we may not be able to take advantage of in the cold, winter months. We are able to increase the intensity of our workouts from wind resistance, experience different terrains, breathe in the fresh air and spend some time with our favorite friends outdoors—our trees!

It’s just as important for your trees to be strong and healthy as it is for you. As we enjoy our summer exercise regimens outdoors before it’s time to head back to the indoor gym, we need to incorporate our trees into that daily jog, walk or ride and prepare them for one of their biggest summer threats: hurricanes.

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Tree Stories to Talk About

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"What's your tree story?" Davey's Matt Fredmonsky, Helen Steward, Suzanne Theriot, Jamie Hudak and Jennifer Lennox, Ron Hegner and Sandee Reid (pictured left to right) collected tree stories, tagged trees and fielded tree questions at Pittsburgh's Schenley Plaza on Sunday during the Garden Writers Association Annual Symposium.

Every tree tells a story! When we asked 70 Garden Writers, "What's your tree story?" at Pittsburgh's Schenley Plaza on Sunday, we received dozens of fun and interesting tree tales to share with you online. How TREEmendous! 

We've selected our top 5 favorite stories, but we want YOU to choose which one is your favorite! Like us on Facebook, then VOTE for your favorite video on our Facebook post until Friday at noon, when we’ll announce the winning story and prize. Please remember your votes will count ONLY when submitted via "liking" the video links we've posted on Facebook.

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It’s Time for a Tree Checkup!

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It's official. August is Tree Check Month. So, what are you waiting for? Check out our tree checkup suggestions and get outside to inspect your trees!

Can you believe summer will end in just over a month?!

Soon enough, we’ll be dusting off our winter coats, building a giant snowman in the yard and cozying up next to a warm fire with a sweet cup of hot cocoa. It may be hard to picture right now in the middle of August; the dog days of summer, when outdoor temperatures tend to kick up a notch. In fact, you probably prefer the air conditioned comfort of your home.

But in these next few months, when the chilly air and overcast days arrive, we may be wishing for the month of August to return. We will dream of warmer days spent outdoors, the kind of moments we are enjoy with a fruity Popsicle in the afternoon and by catching glowing fireflies at night.

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LEGOs Create a Connection With Nature

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Guess which larger-than-life LEGO® statue Davey sponsored at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens' "Nature Connects" exhibit!

Which fun childhood memories come to mind when you think of LEGO®?

LEGOs gave you the ability to build whatever you could imagine; a sea of multicolored bricks littered the floor as you brainstormed your next creation. LEGOs gave everyone the opportunity to become architects or inventors and build anything, from automobiles to entire miniature cities.

But when you were playing with LEGOs as a kid, did you ever think about using those shiny, colorful bricks to build objects inspired by nature? How about flowers, plants, or even trees?

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Shedding Light on a New Kind of Champion

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Believed to be thousands of years old, the Texas madrone national champion tree has quite an impressive story to tell.

Out in the towering, rigid mountains of Texas grow magnificent, distinct trees that are stretching their limbs and shedding their bark. These trees are not wounded like others that may lose their bark from injury or disease; instead, they’re about to reveal new, colorful apricot shades or brassy skin tones underneath the surface. As these unique Texas madrone trees extend tall and wide, they leave their old bark behind to continue a one-of-a-kind growth process.

The Texas madrone has quite an impressive story to tell; many believe it’s thousands of years old. Scientists are astonished with this tree species because of its ability to hold its own in an ever-changing environment. Some describe the Texas madrone as relict, meaning that even as the surrounding environment transforms over time, this national champion tree continues to stay the same.  The trees’ native home has become drier and warmer than what it once used to but with its relict nature, the madrone has never migrated from its original habitat like other trees such as the longleaf pine or yellow birch.

Big tree admirers can find the national champion Texas madrone in the Chisos Mountains of Brewster County, Texas. The national champion is recorded at 27 feet tall with a 93-inch trunk circumference. Although most trees appear on the National Register of Big Trees list due to their massive size, the Texas madrone earns such recognition for different reasons.

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Enjoying Summer? Make Sure Your Trees Are Enjoying It, Too, With These Dos and Don'ts

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You know your trees need water to survive the heat of summer, but did you know it's possible to over-water, too?

Summertime is what many of us wait for; the warm weather, the sun and pleasant afternoons spent outside. This is the season in which we can finally step outdoors and take the time to stretch out our bodies and minds after a long, harsh winter.

We spend hours dangling our feet into the pool with a cold drink nearby. We dig out our shorts, sunglasses and sandals, and head to a park to enjoy a picnic full of summer fruits, like watermelon, cherries and peaches.

We look forward to the summer all year long, but do our trees look forward to it, too?

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You Won't Believe What Your Tree is Doing For You!

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Some tree benefits are less obvious than others. Check out two TREE-mendous infographics to learn more about what your trees can do for you.

Trees are our friends. Think about it; they let us climb on them and swing from their limbs. They shade us, provide us with food and oxygen and help reduce pollution and floods. The list goes on and on. Trees are always there for us. In fact, trees provide us with environmental and energy saving benefits that we may have yet to even realize. Mindboggling, isn’t it?

Check out some of these amazing tree benefits. And, afterward, you just might want to get outside and hug a tree.

Trees Are Environmental Protectors.

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