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  • Why Are There Yellow Leaves on Trees in Summer?

    Rich, green leaves are a staple of summer. So if you spot yellowing leaves on your trees, you want them to return to their green glory.

    There are many reasons why you too could see these symptoms. Run down the checklist below to help diagnose your tree.

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  • How Much Water Does My Tree Need Weekly?

    Watering the right amount is essential to keeping your trees strong and healthy. Both watering too much or too little can be harmful.

    The amount of water your tree needs changes depending on how old it is, so ensure you know the perfect amount.

    Read below to find out how to maintain the balance for all your trees!

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  • How to Spot—And Protect—Trees from Lightning

    Contrary to what we have been told, lightning can strike the same place twice, and trees are a top target.

    Below learn how to tell if a tree was hit by lightning and what you can do to protect trees from lightning damage in the future.

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  • What is Deep Root Watering of a Tree?

    Everyone is extra thirsty in the summer. You, your pets, and even your trees!

    While there are many watering methods, our scientists at the Davey Institute know the best way to water trees.

    Drum roll, please… The deep watering method is one of the best ways to keep trees hydrated during dry spells and prolonged drought. Read below...

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