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If you’re into trees as much as we are, this page is for you. To us, trees are home, a secure and comforting haven. When their leaves rustle, their bodies sway in the wind and their crowns cast wide shadows, it makes us smile. Here, you’ll find our musings on trees, tree facts and news, tree photos, tree videos and other thoughts focusing on our passion for our greatest natural resource. Join us in the shade.

A Virginia Community Connects With Nature Post-Stream Restoration

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The benefits of a stream restoration in Reston, Virginia, expanded to young members of the community when a fishing derby event became an annual event four years ago.

The following blog post is based on an article titled “Stream Restoration Spawns Kids’ Fishing Derby in Virginia,” originally published in Land and Water: The Magazine of Natural Resource Management and Restoration. Children’s smiles tell the story of a stream restoration in Reston, Virginia, a community where the rejuvenation of more than 9 miles of stream as part of the Northern Virginia Stream Restoration Bank (NVSRB) unexpectedly evolved into an annual fishing derby, the most recent of which saw more than 350 children cast lines into the water on a brisk March morning.

The derby and the massive restoration are the result of strong partnerships between various public and private entities in Virginia.

Wetland Studies and Solutions, Inc. (WSSI), a subsidiary of The Davey Tree Expert Company, worked with the Reston Association (representing close to 60,000 residents), the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) and Fairfax County to restore streams within three separate watersheds. The derby evolved out of those relationships and included WSSI, the Reston Association, the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries (DGIF) and Northern Virginia Trout Unlimited (NVATU).

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Summer Landscape Care for All Weather

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Summer storms and other extreme weather conditions can take a toll on your trees. Don't assume all hope is lost - you still have time to help prevent further damage this season!

Rain, wind and drought…oh my! Summer conditions continue to fluctuate—which may cause stress to our trees and plants. Davey is on the air to talk summer tree care and help you combat shifting temperatures and conditions this season. Davey is proud to appear on St. Louis’ KTRS, NewsRadio 550 station this summer and fall. Each Saturday afternoon, one of our local district managers will discuss several tree and landscape topics—some of which we will feature on the Davey blog!

Davey Tree Arborist on the Air: Last week, Greg Wilson, district manager of Davey’s West St. Louis residential tree care services, discussed summer tree and plant care with radio hosts Jim McMillan and John Shea of the “Inside Out” show. The following script is based on Wilson’s interview.

KTRS: We are confounded about how much water to give to our plants and trees this time of year—how much is too much?

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How to Choose the Best Tree for a Tree Swing

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Swing safe! Installing swings in trees requires proper attention, monitoring and care.

Summer is here! That means children are out of school and ready to play. What better way to bring joy to your children than a hand-crafted tree swing? Turn your landscape into a playground where kids can run freely, swing high into the trees and enjoy summer’s warm and playful spirit. Below, Greg Mazur, department manager at the Davey Institute, shares his advice on how to pick the perfect tree for your tree swing. Here are Mazur’s Top 3 Tips for Tree Swing Success:

1. Pick A Well Established Tree. Mazur suggests scoping your landscape for an older, well-established tree that is very sturdy and strong. A newly planted tree will not be able to withstand the swing’s weight, affecting its growth and health for years to come.

“It's not a matter of just going outside and selecting a tree and attaching the swing,” Mazur says. “They have to be planted decades in advance.”

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The Difference Between Promoting Proper Plant Health Care and a Misdiagnosis

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You can't submit just any portion of your tree or shrub to a lab and expect a proper diagnosis and treatment recommendations. Follow the seven steps below to submit a sample the right way.

Diagnosis is an important step in discovering which tree and plant pests, diseases and other problems are affecting your landscape’s health and beauty. So, what makes a plant material sample good and helpful vs. not-so-helpful?

Davey’s Debbie Miller, senior diagnostician and plant pathologist at the Davey Institute, discusses what she looks for in a good plant sample. Here are Miller’s 7 Steps to Collecting a Good Tree Sample:

Step 1: Contact an Arborist for Help. If you see shrub or tree leaf spots or discoloration, bark splitting, or other signs of disease and insect infestation, contact your local professionally trained arborist to investigate your plant. The arborist will either diagnose the problem on the spot or send in a proper sample to the lab for further tests and treatment options.

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The Comeback Champion Tree That Never Gives Up

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The champion black locust tree standing in the front yard at a residence in the Finger Lakes wine country.

The Finger Lakes’ wine country native black locust has been on and off the National Big Tree Program’s list of champions for the last 39 years. Reclaiming its title in 2014, the tree is once again the largest black locust in the U.S. A Champion Black Locust Located: Dansville, New York America’s biggest black locust tree stands in the front yard of a residence in the Finger Lakes wine country. Each spring, thousands of snowy-white, fragrant floral clusters emerge on the grapevines nearby, luring a cloud of honeybees, creating a picturesque scene.

First identified as a champion in 1975, this black locust proudly held the title until 2012. Fighting to regain its worthy award, this grandiose locust made a comeback on the 2014 list. At 99 feet tall with a 72-feet wide canopy, we hope this champion tree reigns for years to come.

For 75 years, American Forests has identified the country’s largest native trees in order to preserve them and educate the public about their importance. To celebrate, and mark Davey’s 25th year partnering with American Forests, the 2015 National big Tree Program Calendar features special champion trees from across the country, including this come-back-tree, the champion black locust.

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Downtown Kent Office Interior Turns Back to Nature

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Cleveland-area artist and Kent State University adjunct professor Tim Myrick created the water-color illustration (pictured above), which depicts the changing scenes and history of the river as it runs south from Kent’s northern limits through downtown and past John Brown Tannery Park, where the infamous abolitionist once operated a tannery business.

The unbridled beauty of the Cuyahoga River running through downtown Kent has overflowed onto a new mural at 295 S. Water St. Where college students gather for classes, campus activities and small town excursions; where black squirrels roam landscapes and scurry among the trees; and where the Cuyahoga River flows freely in crooked fashion, we have roots.

John Davey founded The Davey Tree Expert Company in Kent, Ohio, in 1880, and although the business has branched out across North America, our home address - our headquarters - hasn't changed.

In support of our hometown and its continuous development and improvement efforts, Davey moved approximately 90 Kent-based employees to the third floor of a new downtown Kent office space in August 2012. Smithers-Oasis, another company headquartered in Kent, joined Davey in the same building shortly after, occupying the second floor.

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Protect Your Landscape From Summer Storm Damage

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Don't let severe storm damage bring you--and your trees--down. Follow some of Davey District Manager Miles Stephens' monitoring tips below to help keep your green investments as safe as possible this season.

Summer is here! Davey is on the air to talk trees and how summer storms can affect them this season. Davey is proud to appear on Pittsburgh KDKA, News Radio 1020 station this summer and fall. Every other Sunday morning, one of our local district managers will discuss several tree and landscape topics—some of which we will feature on the Davey blog!

Davey Tree Arborist on the Air: Last week, Miles Stephens, district manager of Davey’s South Pittsburgh residential tree care services, discussed signs of storm damage and uprooting in your trees with radio hosts Doug Oster and Jessica Walliser of “The Organic Gardeners.” The following script is based on Stephens’ interview.

KDKA: What should we look for in our landscapes after summer storms?

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Prep Your Landscape for a Summer Backyard Bash

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Summer is the perfect time for backyard barbecues, bonfires and parties. With a bit of planning and preparation, your landscape will be ready to host this season’s celebrations you and your guests won’t forget. In spirit of the July 4th holiday this weekend—the perfect time to head outdoors and enjoy family picnics or neighborhood cookouts—we’ve provided you with proper landscape care reminders you can keep in mind all season long.

Make your landscape look as impressive as the night sky lit with beams of colorful light from your local fireworks display.

Landscape and Tree Tips from the Ground Up:

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