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If you’re into trees as much as we are, this page is for you. To us, trees are home, a secure and comforting haven. When their leaves rustle, their bodies sway in the wind and their crowns cast wide shadows, it makes us smile. Here, you’ll find our musings on trees, tree facts and news, tree photos, tree videos and other thoughts focusing on our passion for our greatest natural resource. Join us in the shade.

New Zealand Native Finds Rewarding Career at Davey

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Shane McQuillan is a consulting utility forester for Davey Resource Group who has an interesting background - unique to most co-workers.

Davey Resource Group Consulting Utility Forester Shane McQuillan chose a unique career in a unique location—compared to his homeland colleagues. Read more about his story below. While many forestry graduates from Christchurch, New Zealand’s Canterbury University end up working in the timber industry, Shane McQuillan branched out.

McQuillan, a consulting utility forester for Davey Resource Group, spent seven years working on pine and eucalyptus plantations in Australia before going back to school at Canterbury. Upon graduation, McQuillan traveled to the U.S. to visit a friend—who is now his wife.

Settled in southern Illinois, McQuillan decided to pursue a career in his field and found Davey Resource Group, for which he has worked for a little less than two years now.

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What Should I Do with My Trees in a Drought?

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With careful attention to and monitoring of your trees, you can help improve their chances of surviving drought.

California’s drought epidemic has killed more than 12 million trees in the last four years. The perpetual heat and lack of rain continuously causes trees to die in California’s national parks and is now moving to urban parks, tree-lined streets and neighborhoods. Learn how to monitor your trees during drought below, where Davey Institute Technical Advisor Len Burkhart, who is based in California, shares signs of drought and solutions to protect our most valuable natural assets--trees. Here are some of his tips to detect whether your trees are being affected by this on-going dry spell. 

Look Out For These Drought Signs:

Leaf loss Leaf wilt or leaves will start to curl Scorched, gray-tinted leaves Thinning canopy Branches drying out and dying Wood-boring insects Pine tree discoloration (Pines turn grayish-green color and then turn into rust once dead.) If you see these drought signs in your trees and landscape, follow the tips below or contact a professionally trained Davey arborist for a free consultation to discuss treatment solutions.

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A Letter from Martin L. Davey, Sr. to His Son, Martin L. Davey, Jr.

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Martin L. Davey, Sr., shares his business philosophy, as well as other thoughts on life in general, in the letter published below. He wrote the letter to his son, Martin L. Davey, Jr., asking his son to take over the active management of the business. In the photo below, Martin L. Davey, Sr. is pictured with his three children, Martin L. Davey, Jr., Berenice and Evangeline.

For Father’s Day, Davey would like to celebrate one special father in particular, Martin L. Davey, Sr., and a touching letter he wrote to his son, Martin L. Davey, Jr. Martin L. Davey, Sr. is the son of John Davey, the "Father of Tree Surgery" and founding father of The Davey Tree Expert Company. Read the entire letter below.

Martin L. Davey, Jr. received this significant letter from his father, shortly after returning from 27 months of service for the U.S. Army in the European Theater of Operations.

The Business Philosophy of Martin L. Davey

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5 Smart Tips to Receive Smart Tree Care Advice

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We can help answer your tree-related questions on Davey social media channels - we just need a few additional details from you first!

Davey’s Social Media Team and Client Experience Team monitor our social media channels for follower engagement in several capacities—including the insightful tree and landscape care questions you ask us! When you need a tree- or landscape-related question answered, follow the advice below to receive the most thorough and helpful response. Welcome to June; the first official day of summer will be here before we know it! Perhaps you’ve been spending an increased amount of time outdoors, observing your landscape and monitoring your trees.

As you familiarize yourself with the greenspaces surrounding your home, as well as within your neighborhood and community, several questions may arise regarding the plant material occupying those areas.

When you do have questions about trees—and choose to reach out to Davey for advice—our Social Media and Client Experience teams may be able to help you! We just need some specific details to help us determine the most helpful response.

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How to Spot and Prevent Emerald Ash Borer

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"Large ash trees provide so many benefits--so it's important to try to save them instead of remove them," Greg Wilson, district manager of Davey's West St. Louis residential tree care services.

The sun is shining and trees are leafing out! Davey is on the air to talk trees and disease this spring season.

Davey is proud to appear on St. Louis’ KTRS, NewsRadio 550 station this spring, summer and fall. Each Saturday afternoon, one of our local district managers will discuss several tree and landscape topics—some of which we will feature on the Davey blog!

Davey Tree Arborist on the Air: Last week, Greg Wilson, district manager of Davey’s West St. Louis residential tree care services, discussed how to spot and prevent emerald ash borer (EAB) with radio hosts Jim McMillan and John Shea of the “Inside Out” show. The following script is based on Wilson’s interview.

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Two "Green" Holidays, One Big Event

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"I love my job and being an advocate for trees," says Jason Gaskill, assistant district manager at Davey's Wilmington residential tree care services office and member of the Wilmington Tree Commission. He helped secure involvement from Davey and Kerns Brothers Tree Service & Landscaping, a Davey company, as sponsors in a combined community Earth Day and Arbor Day event.

Davey crews look forward to celebrating two “green” holidays each year: Earth Day and Arbor Day. Eager to protect and highlight Mother Nature, Davey participates in festive, environmental holiday events year-after-year. Let’s take a look at one of those TREEmendous events: Celebrate the Earth and Trees: Wilmington, Delaware

Instead of hosting two events, the city of Wilmington, Delaware, decided to have one large-scale event to celebrate the Earth and trees all at once.

The event attracted more than 1,000 community members and 200 local school children to Rodney Square to celebrate Mother Nature. More than 20 vendors representing environmental and sustainable businesses in the area, including Davey and Kerns Brothers Tree Service & Landscaping, a Davey company, attended as well.

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A "Royal" National Champion Tree Thrives Thanks to Davey's Care

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Over the years, this tree has gotten by with a little help from its friends at Davey, who ensured it lived on thanks to cables and braces after storm damage in the 1990s.

Through the years, the national champion royal paulownia tree standing outside Reitz Memorial High School in Indiana has received a lot of attention from students, faculty and local Davey arborists. The purple blooms of this champion royal paulownia tree emerge each spring outside an Indiana high school where it continually grows and inspires. Native to China, the tree was planted in Midwest America in 1926 to commemorate both the completion of Reitz Memorial High School, a catholic school, and to honor the community's first priest. Each year, graduating classes take their class photo beneath this tree's stately limbs. 

Over the years, this tree has gotten by with a little help from its friends at Davey, who ensured it lived on thanks to cables and braces after storm damage in the 1990s.

For 75 years, American Forests has identified the country’s largest native trees in order to preserve them and educate the public about their importance. To celebrate, and mark Davey’s 25th year partnering with American Forests, the 2015 National Big Tree Program Calendar features special champion trees from across the country, including Reitz Memorial High School's champion royal paulownia.

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i-Tree Tools Help You Better Know Your Trees and Their Benefits

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i-Tree users represent regions across the globe interested in learning more about the countless benefits of trees. Key: Lightest shade of green = 1 i-Tree user; next lightest = 2 - 10; next lightest = 11 - 25; next lightest = 26 - 50; darkest shade of green = more than 50 i-Tree users.

Trees are so good to us—as long as we help properly care for them. You can use the i-Tree tools below—as well as several others—to discover what exactly your trees are doing for you! What are i-Tree tools?

i-Tree Tools are innovative online and desktop applications that allow anyone, from homeowners to city planners, to quantify tree benefits within an area of interest.

Everyone knows trees provide us with shade, but they do so much more than that. i-Tree Tools provide simple steps to understand tree benefits beyond shade, including home energy savings, greenhouse gas mitigation, air quality improvements and storm-water interception.

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