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If you’re into trees as much as we are, this page is for you. To us, trees are home, a secure and comforting haven. When their leaves rustle, their bodies sway in the wind and their crowns cast wide shadows, it makes us smile. Here, you’ll find our musings on trees, tree facts and news, tree photos, tree videos and other thoughts focusing on our passion for our greatest natural resource. Join us in the shade.

4 Reasons Why You Should Thank Your Trees This Thanksgiving

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While you reflect on all the things you're thankful for this year, don't forget to add your trees to the list!

Thanksgiving is only two days away. 

While prepping the Thanksgiving feast, it’s easy to concrete on your holiday to-do list.

Let’s take a minute to step back and focus on all we’re thankful for.

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OAKtober and the 100 Oaks for 100 Years Initiative

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Shawn Kingzette smiles at the camera after many great conversations with homeowners about oak tree care, while Baltazar Gomez walks up to join him after a tree climbing demonstration.

The mighty oak, known for its longevity and stunning canopy, received a bit more attention last “OAKtober,” a month dedicated to rebuild the oak population from the ground up.   

Richmond Burton High School in Illinois secured a ComEd Green Region grant for $10,000 to kick-off McHenry County Conservation District’s 100 Oaks for 100 Years initiative to plant 100 oaks in one mid-October weekend.                       

Shawn Kingzette, district manager at Northwest Chicago R/C office, was asked to join the tree planting project after a McHenry County Conservation District employee heard Kingzette discuss the decline of oak trees in the area during his radio segment called “Tree Talk” on the Harvard Community radio station.    

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Davey Employees Honor Veterans with a Day of Service

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More than 1,100 arborists and tree care professionals across the nation provided tree care for 27 National Cemeteries to honor veterans.

Arborists and tree care professionals across the nation banned together on Sept. 23 for the first “Saluting Branches: Arborists United for Veteran Remembrance” day of service.

More than 1,100 volunteers spent their day at National Cemeteries across 20 states to give back to our nation’s fallen veterans.

Davey employees made up more than 110 of these volunteers, providing care for cemetery grounds and trees. For some, the experience went beyond tending to trees; the service allowed them to honor family and friends who served in the U.S. Military.

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Prepare Flower Beds For Winter to Enjoy Color All Winter Long

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There's still time to shift your garden into winter gear. Take these steps to prep your flower beds for winter and enjoy a clean slate in spring.

The clocks are turned back. The leaves are falling. The air is brisk – and getting brisker. 

The seasons, they are a-changin’.

Luckily, you still have time to shift your garden into winter gear.

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Tree Care Advice From Your Favorite Halloween Creatures

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Avoid the scare of tree damage this winter! Following your favorite Halloween creatures can give you tips for proper tree care.

Aside from all the gore of goons and goblins, one thing that’s truly scary about the Halloween season is trees unprepared to make it through the upcoming winter months.

Thankfully, there’s no reason to fret. Taking tips from your favorite Halloween creatures can ensure your trees are ready to withstand what winter brings.

The Witch’s Potion

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Put a Dollar Amount on Your Tree! Discover the Value of Your Tree

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The value of trees seems immeasurable, but our i-Tree benefit calculator helps your determine just how much your trees are worth.

Turns out those golden tree leaves falling from the sky may be worth their weight in gold.

Even though the value of your beloved trees seems immeasurable, this nifty calculator puts a dollar amount on how much your trees are worth. 

While the i-Tree tree benefit calculator sticks to the environmental and economic benefits, trees do so much more good.

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Look Both Ways When Planting a Tree

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Before planting a tree, make sure you're aware of the surrounding and elements. For example, learn more about the soil in your yard, and consider choosing a tree species that will tolerate it.

Making the decision to plant a tree is both a financial and aesthetic reward. But before you can maximize your tree’s lifespan and economic benefits, it is important to know what goes into choosing the right trees for your property.

To help your new tree head in the right direction, take a look at your surroundings.

First, look up: online and in your yard! Finding a tree that will grow well with your area’s specific weather conditions, insects and diseases requires a little homework. Not every tree can thrive in every environment, so do a little research before choosing your green asset.

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3 Steps to Planting a New Tree This Fall

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Planting trees in the fall allows the roots to become established before dormancy, giving them a head start for growth in the spring.

A wise arborist once gave us great advice, “If you have $100 worth of tree, you should spend $200 digging your hole.”

Well, although that arborist wasn’t Davey board certified master arborist R.J. Laverne, he does share that philosophy when offering advice on planting a tree.

Among the many benefits of planting a tree are the tree’s ability to provide us with fresh oxygen, the added property value and the cooling effect it has on our yard. And with the fall season in full swing, we’re presented with the perfect time to plant. Adding trees to your yard at this time of year allows the roots to become established before dormancy, giving them a head-start next spring.

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