Uh Oh - My Tree Has Buds, but No Leaves?

Uh Oh - My Tree Has Buds, but No Leaves?

No doubt, you eagerly watch your trees, waiting for them to pop to life–full of color, leaves and flowers.

But maybe this year the clock is a little off, and the buds still aren’t breaking. What’s going on?

Use the tips below to get to the root of the problem, and figure out the best way to help your tree.



Why are my tree’s buds not opening and turning into leaves?

If your tree has buds, but no leaves, there’s likely a good reason the buds remain cooped up.

For example:

What can I do if my tree has buds, but no leaves?

Bare canopies often point to tree stress. Your tree likely wants to bloom, so it can use its leaves to create more food. But, at the same time, the tree may be too weak to make that happen.

Help your tree by creating and enacting a proper plant health care plan all year—not just when there’s a problem. Adequate water, mulch and fertilizer will help your tree remain healthy and survive trying times.

Will my tree die if its buds are not turning into leaves?

It’s easy to find out if your tree will be OK. Here’s how:

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  • The Tree Doctor June 7, 2017 >Hi, Edward. Yes, those late spring freezes can certainly damage trees and shrubs. The good news, though, is that plants usually rebound as the weather improves. Try applying mulch and fertilizer to help things along. Also, make sure you are watering the tree the appropriate amount. Use this blog post to learn more about how much water your tree needs, http://blog.davey.com/2016/07/how-much-water-does-my-tree-need-weekly/. All in all, your tree should be springing back into action soon. Here if you have any other questions, Edward.
  • Edward Opon June 6, 2017 >This is my forth season with my Eastern Redbud tree. This is the second time it flowered in early spring and then we had a late spring freeze, but this year so far it has scrveled up leaves, and no new growth so far. Is there anything like more watering or a fertilizer for it to come back, or just leave it alone and let nature take its coarse
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