Most Common Questions about Tree Care in Spring

Most Common Questions about Tree Care in Spring

After caring for trees for over 125 years, we know spring is often when your trees get the most attention.

Just as spring blooms, we seem to appreciate the fresh air and new greenery more than ever.

We pause and soak it all in – admiring our tree’s buds, flowers and leaves.

During this moment of awe, we may see something unusual on our trees. Or, perhaps become inspired to plant a new tree.

Either way, during spring, tree care questions are abuzz. You asked so many great questions this year that we had to share! Below is our “Spring Tree Question Round-Up” filled with the most asked questions we heard this spring.  

In Spring, What Are the Most Common Tree Diseases or Tree Problems?

Get to the bottom of what’s plaguing your trees. From brown leaves to spots, discover the most prevalent tree diseases and pests in spring.

What Insect Is Damaging My Trees in Spring?

During early and late spring, damage to your tree leaves and stems may stand out. If you see spots on your leaves or leaves falling too soon, see what could be causing the problem above.

Why Does My Tree Only Have Leaves on One Side?

As your tree begins to sprout new leaves in spring, you may notice your tree has no leaves on one side! That means your tree is not leafing out correctly. Click above to find out why.

How Do I Plant a Tree (Step by Step Instructions)?

Go on, and grow! Plant a tree, in spring or fall, using Davey’s expert, five-step plan.

What Are Your Best New Tree Care Tips?

Just planted a tree this spring? Click above to learn how best to water, mulch, prune and fertilize newly planted trees.

How to Fix a Tree Planted Too Deep?

If you just planted a tree and it looks like it’s planted too low, fix it quick! Learn the details of what happens when you plant a tree too deep.

Should I Fertilize My Trees in Spring?

As you spread fertilizer on your lawn and flowers, do you need to fertilize your trees, too? Click to learn when to fertilize trees.

What Is the Best Way to Mulch a Tree?

Yes! As you add mulch to your landscape, mulch your tree this spring, too. Click to learn the proper way to apply mulch to trees.

What Kind of Tree Do I Have in My Yard?

You love that tree in your yard with the sweet fragrance and white blooms. But, what type of tree is that again? Learn how to tell what kind of tree you have.

Have another tree question? We’re all ears. Comment below, and we’ll have an answer for you quick as can be.

  • The Tree Doctor April 20, 2017 >Hi Kathy! Great question and that sounds like a beautiful beech tree! Without seeing your tree, it's tough to give a definitive answer. Chances are your tree leaves may appear a bit tattered as they grow, but, if the tree was in good shape before the cold hit, it should recover! There is a chance, though, that if your tree was small and had small twigs, it could be warped for some time as it tries to recover. Hope this helps, Kathy. We're always here to talk trees!
  • Kathy Carleton April 19, 2017 >I have a very small beautiful tri colored beech that I planted last spring. Everything was good until my leaf buds got frosted this spring and died. We had very early temperatures in 70's then it got seasonably cold. Can the tree be saved ? Thank you
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