The 5 Steps to Spring Landscape Success

The 5 Steps to Spring Landscape Success

Temperatures are rising and the sun is shining—spring is here!

The following blog post was inspired by Preparing for Spring Landscaping Success, an article from Davey Tree National Sales Manager Rich Chilcoat. The original story appeared in a Property Management Association (PMA) publication titled Bulletin: Motivators at Work That Work.

If you experienced heavy snowfall and subzero temperatures in the past few months, you might not be the only one who took a beating from old man winter this year. Your trees and landscape may have suffered, too.

Take a moment out of your day to walk around your property and assess your green space for winter stress and damage. A little time goes a long way when it comes to landscape care and maintenance.

5 Steps to Landscape Success:

Step 1: Take Advantage of Leaf-Free Trees

Trees are starting to wake up after a long winter’s sleep—they’re nearly ready to flourish and bloom. It is important to look for tree damage and disease while your trees are still bare—making it easier to spot infestations.

Step 2: Jump Start on Weed Prevention

Got weeds in your landscape? The solution could be pre-emergent weed control. This process needs to be timed carefully by checking your lawn and landscape beds for early signs of weeds. Consult your local landscape professional for the best advice to keep your green areas weed-free this season.

Step 3: Show Your Shrubs Some Love

The start of spring is the perfect time to evaluate the health and appearance of the shrubs throughout your property. Begin removing decaying leaves, branches and waste from your landscape beds—clearing a path for new, healthy growth.          

Step 4: Give Your Trees a Check-up

Check your trees for winter harm, including road salt damage, bark discoloration and tree bed flooding. An unhealthy tree could become an expensive liability if undetected—contact a certified arborist to determine if winter treatment is necessary. Be proactive this spring and save your favorite trees from the winter woes.                                         

Step 5: Start Spring Cleanup Now

Spring is the perfect time to remove old leaves, twigs, fallen fruits and garbage that has been trapped underneath the snow. By clearing unwanted waste, you leave space for mulch application and new plant growth opportunities. Kick start the spring season with early landscape preparation to create lasting, attractive results.  

Read Chilcoat’s article in the February addition of the Property Management Association’s Bulletin: Motivators at Work That Work.

Looking for more spring tree and landscape care advice? Contact your local Davey professional for a free consultation.

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