The 5 Commandments of Spring Cleaning Your Landscape

The 5 Commandments of Spring Cleaning Your Landscape

Can you believe it?! It's time to embrace the sights, sounds, smells and sensations of spring.

After such a long, cold winter, springtime is a joy to behold. The icy, grey days are mostly finished, and green, sunny days and blue skies are emerging. The sensations of spring are always something amazing to experience. Here's a little taste of what's to come.

Savor Spring! What We're Looking Forward to.

Spring sights will "wow" you with pops of color in all directions; bluer skies, greener grasses and a mosaic of blossoms appear before you. Its sounds will tell you Mother Nature is alive, as if she's rising from a long winter's nap; birds tweet and twitter as wildlife scurry and skitter within the leftover leaves and atop the emerging grass. You'll hear the pitter-patter of raindrops.

Spring's scents will intoxicate you with an array of aromas; from trimmed lawns and fragrant blossoms to fresh dirt and falling rain, you're in for a treat. And spring's sensations will electrify you with warm sunshine and cool breezes.

couple in spring
Some proper maintenance and care will help you reap the many benefits of your landscape this spring.

And Then Spring Finally Arrives … Not Just the Date, But the Real Feel of Spring!

Mother Nature has remodeled. And after the winter we had this year, we'd expect nothing less! Yet, as is the case with remodeling the interior of your home, to achieve the full effect-and make an impression-a thorough cleanup job is involved when your landscape transitions from winter to spring.

As any tree care professional will tell you, attractive, healthy trees don't just happen. While trees may be low maintenance, this doesn't mean one should ignore caring for their tall, leafy outdoor companions.

spring cleaning
Follow our 5 steps to a fresh landscape this spring.

Safeguarding your landscape investment means seasonally tending to your trees. And spring is a great time to take a good look at how the trees in your landscape are faring and review the important steps to ensure their good health throughout the year. Looking for another helpful checklist? Here are Davey's 5 commandments for spring cleaning your landscape:

1. Clean Up Time. Spring is a great time to remove waste like old leaves, twigs, fallen fruits and any trash or other garbage the wind has blown beneath your trees in winter.

2. Fresh Start. A 2- to 3-inch mulch layer is great for retaining soil moisture and suppressing those persistent spring weeds.

3. Water Wise. Make sure irrigation systems are not only clearing salt and other winter leftovers from tree roots but also watering tree roots and not tree leaves to avoid fostering disease.

4. Trim It Up. Once trees begin to leaf out, dead branches become easier to spot; remove them from your trees.

5. Trained for TLC. Consult a professionally trained arborist to perform a thorough inspection of your trees, look for signs of damage, disease or pest threats and recommend treatment.

Happy spring cleaning! We can sense you smiling already…

  • The Tree Doctor May 23, 2016 >Hi Brad, Thanks so much for reaching out to Davey for help. So sorry to hear your tree seems to be struggling. Luckily, we're here to help. Your next step? Reach out to your local Davey tree office for a free consultation. They'll evaluate your tree and provide expert advice on what your tree needs. You can contact them online at: Or, give them a call at 303-515-7492. Wishing you and your trees all the best, Brad!
  • Brad Tielbur May 17, 2016 >Have a tree that has been hit hard the last two springs with late snow. It has dead branches and I'm worried about its health. Have a few other trees that need cleaned up too.
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