Reasons Why You Should Consider Fall Tree Planting

Reasons Why You Should Consider Fall Tree Planting

Autumn is an ideal time of the year to start planting more trees and shrubs. The breeze starts blowing crisp, cool air all around, encouraging communities and their residents to enjoy the outdoors--including pleasant views of vibrant colors emitting from the trees.

Davey is no stranger to the benefits of tree planting in several different types of environments, from homeowners' backyards to local parks and streetscapes. In fact, Davey employees from its home state recently volunteered their time and attention to some special plantings in Ohio's state capital this fall.

FALL TREE PLANTING BENEFITS COMMUNITIES. Volunteers from Davey and Keep Ohio Beautiful (KOB) obliged to not only spend some time on the green of the Statehouse, but they also helped "green" the City of Columbus to support KOB's second annual Native Planting Day in September.

"Keep America Beautiful's support of this program is so important, and I commend them for expanding their vision to include urban greening and native planting projects," says Karen Wise, manager of natural resource consulting and KOB board member.

The 2013 project focuses on woodland restoration, or the concept of removing non-native groundcover and replacing it with understory plants, shrubs and trees native to Ohio's forests. Davey Senior Biologist Ken Christensen created the woodland restoration plan for the project.

Fall tree planting in Ohio
The Ohio Statehouse's new American linden tree (pictured) represents a portion of the plant material Davey volunteers Ken Christensen and Jason Garber helped plant on Native Planting Day in September. The new tree will provide the property with additional shade and environmental benefits.

The Davey Nursery donated a 6-inch caliper American linden tree to serve as the show piece of the Woodland Restoration Project. "The American Linden is an excellent tree for this site," Christensen says. "It is naturally found to do well throughout all of Ohio; it's a tree that will grow very tall, providing important and much needed canopy and shade."

FALL TREE PLANTING ADVICE FOR YOUR OWN BACKYARD. Interested in enhancing the tree canopy above your landscape? Davey's R.J. Laverne, board certified master arborist, can show you how to plant a tree:

  1. Choose the right tree for the right place. Make sure you pick a plant that will thrive in the space in which you have to plant it.
  2. Dig the hole. "The most important step is getting the tree in the ground," Laverne says. Dig a hole wide enough to accommodate the entire root system of the tree--but not too deep.
  3. Prepare the tree for placement. To avoid planting the tree too deep and preventing oxygen from reaching the roots, Laverne suggests finding the root flare and expose it by removing the soil surrounding the area were the trunk meets the balled and burlapped root ball.
  4. Transfer the tree to the hole. Remove all synthetic burlap and roping before planting the tree. "Transport the tree carefully by moving it by the root ball only," Laverne says.
  5. Backfill with nutrient-rich soil, then apply mulch. Mulch helps control the
    Fall tree planting mulching
    temperature beneath soil level, as well as moistens soil so pre-established roots obtain sufficient water for proper growth.

Is there a fall tree planting project in your future? Send us your contact information to schedule a free consultation with one of Davey's professionally trained arborists.

  • The Tree Doctor June 21, 2016 >Hi Cynthia! We like how you think! Privacy trees make backyards even cozier and more secluded. We've passed your information along to your local arborist, so they should be in contact soon! If you'd prefer to give them a ring, the number is 704.815.5529, or you can fill out this form here: Thanks, Cynthia!
  • Cynthia Peebles June 20, 2016 >Hello, I would like to have privacy trees planted in my back yard and would greatly appreceiate a consultation. Please contact me at me email address or cell, 704-807-1314. Thank you.
  • bill fyfe November 10, 2015 >wanting to have a sugar maple planted in front yard to replace one just removed need to purchase anhave planted
  • Tracy Kuntz September 8, 2015 >Hello. I have a row of pine trees down the side of my back yard and one fell this spring. The insides of the trees around it were brown and now I need to fill that space to fill the gap and hide the brown from the other trees. What is the best way to accomplish this in an economical fashion? The previous tree has been completely removed. Thank you
  • The Tree Doctor September 22, 2014 >Hi, Dan! Thank you for reaching out to us on our blog. We appreciate your comment! You may send us more details about your landscape, as well as your location and contact information to, and we will help you get in touch with your local Davey arborist.
  • Dan Pietro September 22, 2014 >Hello Last summer we moved into a new home in Weber Greens. Finally we got word that he grading and the landscaping included in the price tag of the house will be completed in the next couple of weeks. I hope it is still a good time to plant additional trees in the back yard. My wife and I need a good advice for what trees to plant and eventually to find a landscaping company to complete the project. Thank you in anticipation !
  • The Tree Doctor September 8, 2014 >Thank you for your comment, Yuan! We appreciate you reaching out. If you could send us more details about your tree care and planting needs to, as well as your location and contact information, we would be happy to help you.
  • Yuan Bian September 5, 2014 >Hi, I am wondering if you have time for tree planting. Please let me know. Cheers Yuan
  • The Tree Doctor April 28, 2014 >Thanks for reaching out! We've forwarded your request to our Austin office.
  • Bettye Short April 26, 2014 >I want to thank you for removing my storm damaged tree at 2402 Broken Oak, Austin, TX. You told me that you would help me to make a decision about replacing my tree with 2 trees that would work well for my home. I would appreciate hearing from you about this assistance. I realize that this is not the best time for tree planting.
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