For many of us, there comes a time when decay, storm damage, a dangerous lean, or old age forces us to remove a tree. And as pleasing as it is to have a memento to honor a cherished tree, the unsightly stump that's sometimes left behind isn't what we had in mind.  

Removing them can be quite costly and even dangerous if the roots run too deep. So, what can we do with a leftover tree base that’s just in the way?    

It turns out there's a lot you can dowith a dash of creativity and a bit of elbow grease! Get ready to convert that old eyesore into something beautiful, no matter your style or skill level. 

How to Decorate Around and Cover a Tree Stump Outside in the Landscape

Even though they're firmly staked in the ground, old tree stumps can be quite versatile.

Creative Ways to Hide a Tree Stump

From the novice gardener to the experienced sculptor, there's an option for anyone who wants to decorate an old tree stump.  

Here are a few favorites:

  • Hide Tree Stump Tree Stump Table Chairs Davey TreeConvert into a container. Hollow out the center wood, fill it in with soil, and top off with your favorite annuals or perennials 
  • Camouflage it with a planterGrab a rectangular or wine barrel planter, place it over the stumpand fill with soil and fresh flowersVoila!  
  • Turn it into an outdoor tableFeeling outdoorsy and chic? Place chairs next to it for an unique outdoor seating area.  
  • Make a game table. Take that idea a step further by painting a checker or chess board atop it!   
  • Carve the wood into something unique. Make a sculpture if you're artsy, or keep it simple and make a small sign with your name. 

Can I add plants to hide a tree stump?

Try one of these ideas:

  • Plant climbing vines to cover it. Climbing hydrangea, sweet peas, Virginia creeper, Carolina jessamine or clematis are all beautiful options.  
  • Use tall-growing plants to hide itTry lavender, red barrenwort, Solomon's seal, or bigroot geranium.  
  • Plant a series of shrubs around it. Look for shrubs that are tough enough to grow around those leftover tree roots, like oakleaf hydrangeas or azaleas.

Or if you want to get rid of that stump for good instead, click here for a free quote. 

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