So, you’ve signed the dotted line and can now officially call yourself a homeowner. Congrats! Now comes the fun part: getting to know all the ins and outs of your new digs.

Once you’re acquainted with the inside of your home, step outside and get to know your landscape. From figuring out how to prep your plants for spring to pinpointing a potentially unhealthy tree, there are lots to learn about your new yard.

Keep reading for a new homeowner’s guide to keeping your landscape in tip-top shape.

Get to know your new home: Landscaping checklist for new homeowners

Got a free Saturday to spend in the yard? Great! Take some time to inspect your plants, plan for seasonal landscape maintenance and brainstorm ideas for adding a little flair to your new home.

Inspecting your landscape as a new or first-time homeowner

Even if you got a good look at your new landscape before buying your house, there may be red flags you didn’t know to look out for. But don’t worry—it's not too late to inspect your yard for potential hazards.

Take a walk around your landscape and look for:

  1. Tree branches hanging over your roof. You might need to get the tree pruned for safety.
  2. Signs that a pest or disease is plaguing one of your plants. Here are the infection symptoms to look out for in spring, and these are the signs of a fall pest or disease infection.
  3. Trees that are awfully close to your home. A large tree right by your house could become a problem down the line.

If you have any concerns after roaming around your yard, get in touch with your local Davey arborist for a free inspection.

How to tell if a tree or shrub needs to be removed

Okay, okay. You just moved into a new place and a big task like removing a tree is probably not something you want to think about. But here’s the deal—a dead or dying tree poses a huge threat to you and your landscape, so you need to know if you have a risky tree on your hands ASAP.

Sometimes the signs of a dying tree are subtle. Here’s how to tell if your tree is dead or alive.

Declining shrubs don’t pose an immediate risk, but you should still give ‘em a look to decide if they need to be replaced. Inspect your shrubs with the same process you’d use to inspect trees.

New homeowner landscaping ideas

Your new yard is a completely blank canvas. Will you opt to plant a new tree, add color with annuals or put in a new patio? The options are endless.

Here are just a few ways you can make your new landscape your own:

  1. Make your landscape a truly secluded space by closing your yard in with privacy trees.
  2. Try out these four tips for adding curb appeal to your landscape.
  3. Cool down your yard (and your home) by planting a shade tree.

How to maintain your landscape and help it thrive

With each season comes a new way to care for your plants and trees. Follow these seasonal landscaping tips to help your yard flourish all year long.

  1. Put these three steps on your spring landscape care to-do list.
  2. Inspect, prune and protect your trees in summer before soaking up the sun.
  3. Follow these four essentials for fall tree care.
  4. In winter, take these three steps to get your yard ready for the growing season.

Bonus tip: Get to know a certified arborist. Sure, there are plenty of landscaping tasks you can handle on your own, but let’s face it—sometimes you just want to put the work in the hands of a professional. Or, other times a tree or plant problem might have you stumped. In either case, nothing beats having an arborist that’s just a phone call away.

Set up a free consultation with your local Davey arborist here.

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