Take a walk through the woods, and you’ll likely find yourself surrounded by tall, healthy trees—nature’s beauty in full effect. Achieving such majesty doesn’t come easily for trees in your backyard though. 

But why?

Yards are a much more challenging environment for trees.

Soil found on the forest floor is rich in nutrients that come from fallen leaves and twigs. When we remove those leaves from our yard, the soil on our property has fewer nutrients to offer. Combine that with the fact that trees are competing with hungry lawns and other plants for resources, and it’s a less-than-ideal situation for growth and development.

Much like we use fertilizer to keep our lawns healthy, applying a slow-release fertilizer to the ground around our trees during the fall offers these three benefits: 

  1. Replenishing nutrients lost during the summer.

  2. Supporting healthy, deep roots that anchor trees.

  3. Promoting healthy growth in trees, with improved size and color.

So, how do you choose the right fertilizer for your trees?

Find a tree fertilizer with a slow (also called controlled) release and low salt index. And, look for a product that’s best suited for your region.

In the Northern and Western regions, Davey arborists use Arbor Green PRO®. It blends three key macro-nutrients, nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K), to mimic the natural environment and give trees the nutrients they need to thrive. Arbor Green PRO® also contains PPA, an amino acid that helps enhance nutrient availability while reducing nutrient loss from rain or watering.

Trees in the Southeast region are a little different. They can be lacking the macro-nutrients mentioned above, but they’re also often faced with a micro-nutrient deficiency, meaning essentials like potassium, magnesium, manganese or boron are in short supply. Scientists at The Davey Institute created Arbor Green Xtra plus B to address that. It combines all the nutrients—both macro and micro—that Southern trees need to look and grow their best.

Contact your local Davey arborist to schedule a free consultation.

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