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We appreciate trees for the shade they provide us from the summer sun.

The Summer You've Been Looking Forward to for Months

May 16, 2014

Let's face it. We deserve the warm, sunny summertime to officially arrive next month.

After trudging through the snow, sleet, rain, snow, ice and subzero temperatures (did I mention snow?) Mother Nature delivered many of us this winter, we've earned hours--even days, weeks--to spend in the shade this summer.

Ah, shade. It's something we treasure when temperatures rise too high, when humidity wears us out and when sunrays shine too brightly. In the shade, we can read a book, throw a picnic, or simply sit and enjoy the opportunity to relax. Shade should be appreciated no matter the occasion you stumble upon its shadows; in fact, shade is something communities and residents should protect.

Close your eyes.

Imagine it's that sweet summertime you've been waiting for. You've stumbled upon a local park where you soak in the heat of the bright, hot sun.

You're happy to feel its warmth, its energy--but you're excited to find the most perfect shade tree. You take shelter beneath its generous canopy and look up to observe a mosaic of lustrous leaves swaying in the breeze.

But you can't always count on the sweetness of summer. Because severe summer storms, pesky pests and dreadful diseases can seriously deteriorate the health of your trees, it's vital your follow proper tree care practices--before the season begins. If you want to ensure the shade in your own backyard sticks around all season long, address your tree care service needs now.

Who is looking forward to relaxing in the cool shade this summer? Be prepared to prep your trees for a healthy season!

We know you're ready for summer. Now you can makes sure your trees are, too. Follow these 3 steps to grow healthier trees-and make your summer day dreams come true:

  1. Inspect your landscape. You're dreaming of that lush, green lawn you've admired in the photos of landscaping magazines and calendars. But remember: It's important to look up, too. Check your trees for damage or warning signs; specifically insect infestations and diseases. Then, consult a professionally trained arborist to determine whether treatment regimens are necessary.
  2. Prune dead, diseased or unsafe branches. Pruning often results in some of the most successful tree care programs. Monitoring the structure of your trees' canopies can encourage healthy growth--and result in plenty of shade.
  3. Cable, brace or remove weak limbs. It's no secret severe summer storms are on their way; strong storms have hit some of us already. But before the winds roll in, you'll want to help protect your trees' stronger limbs from suffering damage when weaker branches fail and fall.
Pruning weak limbs from your tree's canopy may help it survive severe summer storms.

These tips will make your picture-perfect summer day reality by preparing your trees to thrive this summer season. Not only will proper care and maintenance improve the appearance of your trees, but monitoring them for plant health issues before they emerge will also help keep them standing tall and strong.

If you're interested in learning more ways to better care for your trees this summer, download Davey's summer checklist. There you'll find more summer tree service tips you can refer to when your trees need a little extra TLC.

Not sure where to begin? Contact your local Davey professionally trained arborist for more tree service advice. We'd be happy to help you discover your own happy, healthy trees!

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