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  • Does a Late Spring Frost or Snowfall Damage Trees?

    One of our blog readers, Kathy from Ohio, she asked, “My leaf buds got frosted this spring and died. We had very early temperatures in the 70s then it got seasonably cold. Can the tree be saved?”

    Keep reading to learn the answer to Kathy’s question and care tips for trees affected by a sudden freeze.


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  • Can a Tree Freeze to Death in Winter?

    It’s hard to imagine how trees keep themselves comfortable with the same layer of bark all year.

    Should you worry about your tree freezing to death? Read on to find out how trees survive winter.

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  • What "Pine" Trees Lose Their Needles in Winter?

    If your needle-bearing trees lose all their needles in winter, they aren’t in danger. They’re just like the other trees we watch transition in fall.

    Learn which trees drop their needles and more!

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  • 5 Steps for Handling Snow Bent Tree Branches

    Bill noticed his spruce branches stacked with snow and bending straight down. He asked, “Should I shake the trees or otherwise try to remove the snow from the branches?”

    Click to find out.

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