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  • Does Cutting Off Dead Branches Help a Tree?

    When an arborist prunes your trees, you reduce the chance that they break while helping trees look and grow better!

    More detail on why you should prune your tree on a regular basis below.

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  • Help! How Do I Fix a Topped Tree?

    A good trim refreshes trees, but one infamous pruning shortcut actually harms trees—tree topping.

    Topped trees become weak and unstable. Learn how to fix your topped tree with these 5 steps.

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  • What Is Tree Topping and Why Topping Is Harmful to Trees

    Trees may grow too tall for your liking, but we don’t recommend topping trees.

    Learn what exactly tree topping is and why pruning is a better alternative!

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  • 5 Reasons to Prune During the Dormant Season

    You may dread the thought of late fall and winter elements, but for your trees, it’s the moment they’ve been waiting for all year.

    The dormant season temporarily slows tree growth, which may sound damaging, but in reality it provides opportunity. Pruning in this season is an ideal time to promote current tree health and future tree growth.

    So why is this timely trimming just what your tree wants? The tree’s inactivity coupled with the outdoor elements give us five reasons.

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