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  • How Often to Prune Trees (Including Oak Trees)

    Thanks to a proper trim, trees are ready to grow as soon as spring arrives. It seems like our plants would want this clean slate every year, but timing is everything when it comes to pruning.

    Keep reading to get the rundown on how often to trim or prune trees.

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  • Tree Branches Hanging Over or Touching Roof? Do This…

    One day, you notice your trees are getting a bit too comfortable. Their branches are hanging over your house.

    Learn how to safely fix tree branches touching or hanging over your roof below.

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  • 3 Best Tree Trimming Tools to Own

    Megan, a new homeowner, asked what tree trimming tools she should have.

    Since Davey has pruned trees for 135-plus years, we know what's essential. Discover the best tree trimming tools below.


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  • Help! How Do I Fix a Topped Tree?

    A good trim refreshes trees, but one infamous pruning shortcut actually harms trees—tree topping.

    Topped trees become weak and unstable. Learn how to fix your topped tree with these 5 steps.

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