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  • What Is Sudden Branch Drop Syndrome?

    After a heavy limb falls unexpectedly, we start to feel uneasy about our tree.

    Any tree problem is alarming, but sudden branch drop syndrome stands out. Read on to learn more...

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  • Why You Need to Keep Mulch Away from Tree Trunks

    Mulch is a must for proper tree maintenance, but when mulch is too high and touches a tree’s trunk, it can cause problems.

    Learn what can happen when you apply mulch that’s too thick around trees.

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  • Davey Resource Group Talks Trees in Largo, Florida

    You may know trees provide several environmentally and socially beneficial returns.  But did you know you must consider proper tree maintenance, tree care and tree monitoring to reap those tree benefits? Certified arborists from Davey Resource Group (DRG) conduct tree inventories to assess urban conditions and determine how to improve trees’ quality of life—and ability to provide benefits—despite less-than-ideal environments.

    The City of Largo, Florida, contracted DRG to complete an inventory and review the condition of the urban forest in the city. The project focused on the inventory and evaluation of more than 12,000 trees and palms within city street right-of-ways, parks and properties throughout Largo.

    DRG’s Tree Journey in Largo

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  • From Research to Reality

    Have you ever sat and watched a tree swaying in the wind? Sure, many of us have on a nice, cool, summer day. Now imagine studying that tree's canopy movement using 3-D motion tracking - like a video game showing how a tree, its branch structure and leaves billow in the breeze, analyzing each fraction of movement.

    And what if this type of tool can actually help you determine how stable that tree really is when it's being shaken by air currents or even how much strength is sacrificed in the process?

    What could this do for an arborist? A lot. It can help them better assess safety risks when climbing and pruning a tree. It can even help them determine the entire pruning plan to do what's necessary to restore or retain that tree's normal strength. What does this do for you - the person enjoying the tree on a daily basis? Even more. It means you get to watch that tree grow happier and healthier and stronger for a longer period of time, adding value to a property and providing all the benefits for which trees are best known.

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