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  • What to Do with a Dead Tree in Your Yard

    We’re so sorry to hear your formerly beautiful tree appears to be dead. Seeing a tree deteriorate and ultimately die is heartbreaking!

    Learn what you should do with a dead tree in your yard.

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  • Signs and Symptoms of Tree Stress (Plus Treatment)

    While wandering the yard, did you spot something that looked a bit unusual? Perhaps a bare branch that’s usually bursting with leaves?

    Keep reading to find out if what you spotted is a serious or minor issue, then learn how to treat it.

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  • How to Tell if a Tree is Dead in Winter

    In winter, trees conserve their energy and prepare for spring. But when resting, dormant tree branches look eerily like a dead tree.

    Check if your tree is dead in winter or just dormant in 3 steps.

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  • Davey Chesapeake Removes One of Maryland's Largest White Oak Trees

    Take a moment to think of a familiar place you love. Chances are, there’s a majestic tree standing tall nearby, reminding you of the area’s history while also adding beauty to that special spot.

    However the space has grown and changed over time, the tree remains a consistent complement. 

    At All Hollows Episcopal Church in Maryland, a white oak tree served as this historical focal point. The towering hardwood stood as Maryland’s second largest white oak tree.

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