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  • How to Get Rid of White Fuzzy Fungus on Plants (Powdery Mildew)

    See white stuff or what looks like a white fuzzy mold on your plants? It’s probably powdery mildew.

    Learn more about what it is, how it develops and what you can do to prevent it.

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  • Pros and Cons of Landscape Fabric

    Planting a new crop of vegetables or tending a flower garden can be so calming. That is until pesky weeds disturb our garden.

    Is landscape fabric all we need to get rid of those pesky weeds for good?

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  • What To Do About Palm Tree Hurricane Damage

    Palm tree damage from a hurricane can be as small as a few yellow leaves or as major as a broken off crown.

    Learn how palm trees handle storms and what to do if a hurricane damages your palm tree.

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  • Why Are There Brown or Black Spots on My Maple Leaves?

    What if your maple leaves develop unsightly brown or black spots in summer? Is your tree in trouble–or even a goner?

    While those spots look worrisome, it’s just tar spot–a fungal disease that isn’t a big issue to your tree’s health. Learn more about maple tar spot and how to help your tree rebound.

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