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  • Your Backyard Tree Checklist for the Winter Storm Season

    Brisk fall air has left behind a frigid stillness, warning us snow storms and freezing temperatures won't be far behind.

    Intense storms, ice and winter weather can take their toll on trees in your region. Downed trees, broken limbs and power outages can wreak havoc on your home, but you can stop the problems before they begin. Preventative measures will save you time, money and damage in the long haul.

    Your local professionally trained arborists at The Davey Tree Expert Company share eight ways to identify potential tree damage before the storm season begins.  

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  • When severe storms strike, preventive care and monitoring can protect your trees.

    Fall is fast approaching. Crisp, cool air has gradually replaced the thick layer of humidity encompassing the outdoors. Leaves have begun the earliest stage of their annual autumnal transition from shades of green to yellow, orange and reddish tones.

    Thanks to Mother Nature's seasonal mosaic of color, your trees grant your landscape with the visual appeal of vibrancy in all directions. As their structures sway in a slight breeze so characteristic to the season, brittle leaves gently fall to the ground, dusting your lawn and driveway with clusters of color.

    How sweet it is to observe the presence of trees and their natural beauty in fall. In lieu of this season's potential storms, however, a bit of extra care and maintenance can go a long way in terms of protecting your trees and ensuring they survive for the benefit of you and your landscape.

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