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  • When Do Tree Roots Grow the Most?

    While it’s easy to see when trees grow new leaves, we can’t see when their tree roots are growing.

    Below, learn how much trees grow each season and how you can help your tree roots grow more.

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  • When Do Tree Leaves Come Back in Spring?

    We can use clues to predict when trees typically leaf out.

    Find out when trees bloom and grow new leaves in your region - and see if it's an issue if your tree is not growing leaves yet in spring! 

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  • Most Common Questions about Tree Care in Spring

    Just as spring blooms, we seem to appreciate the fresh air and new greenery more than ever.

    During this moment of awe, we may see something unusual on our trees. Or, perhaps become inspired to plant a new tree.

    Here is a "Spring Tree Question Round-up" to share the most asked questions.

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  • Why Does My Tree Only Have Leaves on One Side?

    Your tree has no leaves on one side, making your favorite summer spot looks far less appealing.

    Even worse, your tree is likely suffering. 

    Below we explore causes and solutions for trees not leafing out.

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