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  • How Long Do White Fluffy Seeds Last on Cottonwood Trees?

    Fuzzy cottonwood tree seeds spread far and wide, covering yards in a sea of white.

    Cottonwood tree seeds sure can be annoying, but it does help to know when they’re coming and when they’ll let up.

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  • Can I Use a Pressure Washer to Clean or Spray Trees?

    Tim said, “I’ve been noticing more people in my area using power washers to ‘clean’ their tree trunks.”

    He wanted to know if we recommended washing trees with power washers. And we often get asked if it’s okay to use a power washer to spray insecticides on trees.

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  • 4 Things to Check Off Your Landscaping Spring Cleaning List

    If you’ve ever caught yourself admiring the eye-catching maple tree down the street, or the vibrant spread of flowers outside a local shop, we’ll bet you’ve wondered, “Can my yard look like that?”

    The answer is, yes! With the right plan, you can revamp your landscape this spring.

    Before jumping into spring landscape projects, though, give your property a clean slate. A full spring cleanup helps with healthy growth for your current plants, and makes the perfect setting for adding new plants to the mix.

    Take on spring cleaning with these 4 steps to spruce up your landscape.

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  • Spring Tree Care Checklist: Prepare in 3 Phases

    Envision the moment when snow and ice slowly start to melt away from your landscape. The time sun peaks through after a stint of gloomy skies. Or, the day you can walk outside to soak up the fresh aroma of newly sprouted plants.

    We’ll bet you’re ready for spring. We know we are!

    Now is the time to make sure your trees are just as prepared. Follow the phases of spring tree care below to boost tree nutrients and strength for a healthy growing season.

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