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  • What Are These Bumps on My Oak Tree Leaves?

    Gwen asked, “I believe insects have burrowed into the leaves of my burr oak tree, now they’re dying and turning orange.”

    If you see bumpy oak leaves with a funky color, learn why this happens.

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  • How to Get Rid of Oak Tree Caterpillars

    We love oak trees! Unfortunately, tree pests like caterpillars also love eating oak tree leaves! 

    Read on to identify which type of caterpillar is eating your oak tree and how to control them.

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  • Avoid Pruning Oak Trees in Summer – Oak Wilt Causes

    Oak trees have long been an American favorite. They're one of the best shade trees out there, and many varieties grow fast!

    If you love oak trees as much as us, you’ve likely dreaded the deadly oak wilt disease.

    Well, pruning oak trees in summer increases their risk of oak wilt. Read on to learn why.

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  • Davey's Atlanta Tree Services Ensure a 'Perfect Tree' Receives Care and Recognition

    Earlier this week we shared a story about Davey's Atlanta residential tree services' involvement with tree care and maintenance at the Johns Creek Veterans Memorial Walk. Read another story below about District Manager Chris Heim's effort to earn a special local tree some recognition. It’s the second largest live oak tree in the U.S. And Davey crews have provided its care since the 1950s.

    Until recently, however, perhaps no one else knew just how impressive the Village Sentinel live oak tree is.

    The centuries-old heritage tree standing within Waycross, Georgia’s Baptist Village retirement community outlives many other live oaks once planted along the eastern seaboard for their dense, hard wood and long limbs used for ship building.

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