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  • Bare Root Tree Not Leafing Out? Here's How Long It Takes to Grow

    Bare root trees are great, but if they don't sprout leaves as fast as we expect, we start to really worry!

    If you’ve been in a panic about your bare root tree not leafing out, read on to learn more!

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  • Tree Planting Guide: 3 Methods of Planting Trees

    You've got the perfect tree. You just need to know how to plant it.

    Whether you’re planting a balled and burlap tree, a container-grown tree or a sapling, find step-by-step planting instructions.

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  • Celebrate Arbor Day by Planting Nature’s Sunscreen

    In under 60 seconds, we could think of 60 reasons why you should plant a tree this Arbor Day.

    We’re highlighting one reason today. Plant a tree to protect your skin with Nature’s Sunscreen.

    Guess how much tree shade reduces UV exposure by...

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  • More Trees, Please!

    Trees play a vital role in our everyday lives. They improve the quality of the air we breathe and the water we drink. They beautify our community and neighborhood streets and shade our nation's children and grandchildren. Trees are an integral part of our lives.

    Because trees are so awesome for the many benefits they provide, initiatives such as the Community Tree Recovery Program, a systematic response to disasters in communities nationwide, exist. National organizations have realized trees improve and revitalize communities in so many ways, particularly in areas suffering the aftermath of natural disasters, and several planting programs have sprouted and flourished ever since.

    But trees are also valuable to communities, parks and landscapes that have been fortunate to avoid the path of severe weather and strong, devastating storms. There are many great locations in which you can plant new trees, even in your own backyard!

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