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  • How To Get Rid of Black Fungus on My Tree’s Trunk or Branches

    Does it look like your fruit tree has a fungus growing on it? Not sure what to do?

    Find out which fruit trees get infected with fungus and learn whether treatment or tree removal is the best option.

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  • Can You Stop a Fruit Tree from Leaking Sap (Cherry, Plum or Peach)?

    Colleen asked, “I have a plum tree with sap coming from the trunk. Only a few branches feel fresh and healthy. The others feel dead. Is this OK?”

    See how to help your oozing fruit tree.

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  • Fruit, Shade and Curbside Trees with Non-Invasive Root Systems

    If there are obstacles like sidewalks close to your planting site, pick a tree with a non-invasive, small root system.

    Below, learn the benefits of these trees and discover which tree is best for you!

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  • Fruit Forward

    Fresh produce and other high-quality foods provide us with the resources we need to prepare healthy meals. Unfortunately, not all communities have access to fully-stocked grocery stores and local produce stands. These communities are called food deserts.

    And when quick and convenient meals are the only options available, consumers risk the quality of their health and future. The good news is that some communities are taking action to fight food deserts … and trees are part of the solution.

    East Cleveland, Ohio, is one of several American cities that lack sufficient options for fresh, local and healthy food. To help reverse the trend, the community voted for its McGregor Home/Community Garden to receive a new fruit tree orchard through the nationwide Communities Take Root Program.

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