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  • What Do Trees Need to Be Healthy? (Tree Care Information)

    Trees need just two things to stay healthy: regular maintenance and proactive treatment.

    Learn six tree maintenance tips to keep trees healthy and strong below.

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  • What Is the Best Fertilizer for Palm Trees – and When to Fertilize

    While palms look carefree, most palms grow in soil that lacks essential nutrients, which is a big reason their fronds turn yellow.

    Provide your palm the nutrients it needs with the right fertilizer!

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  • When Do Tree Roots Grow the Most?

    While it’s easy to see when trees grow new leaves, we can’t see when their tree roots are growing.

    Below, learn how much trees grow each season and how you can help your tree roots grow more.

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  • 3 New Year’s Resolutions for You and Your Trees

    As we prepare to close out the last days of 2015, some of us may be making plans for a New Year’s resolution we vow to keep.

    From staying healthy to managing stress, you may be surprised how some of our most common resolutions are similar to what our trees want in the New Year.

    Resolution: Planning for the New Year Whether it’s organizing your finances, gearing up for retirement or setting up for a big move, the beginning of the year is a time for planning. As you map out the year, make sure evaluating your landscape is on your to-do list. Take the time to determine the current state your landscape is in and the goals you have for its future.

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