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  • Identifying Common Fall Tree Insects (Pests)

    Creepy webs in trees, chewed leaves or dying tree branches are not what you pictured in your fall landscape.

    Browse the symptoms to see what fall pest may be hurting your tree and how to stop it.

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  • Why Are Trees Losing Leaves in August or Early Fall?

    Every autumn, we look forward to seeing tree leaves transform and dropusually around October.

    Suspect your tree's' leaves are falling early? Read on to find out why trees shed leaves prematurely. 

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  • Is it Safe to Plant Trees in Summer?

    In the midst of summer, adding new trees may be on your mind. So is planting trees during summer a big no-no?

    Learn the rules for summer planting and why spring and fall remain the best time to plant new trees.


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  • Tree Care Advice From Your Favorite Halloween Creatures

    Aside from all the gore of goons and goblins, one thing that’s truly scary about the Halloween season is trees unprepared to make it through the upcoming winter months.

    Thankfully, there’s no reason to fret. Taking tips from your favorite Halloween creatures can ensure your trees are ready to withstand what winter brings.

    The Witch’s Potion

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