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  • What Trees to Add (Or Cut Down) To Increase Property Value

    Getting ready to sell your home or settling in for the long haul?

    Make the most of your green investment and learn the best trees to add (or cut down) to increase your property value.

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  • 4 Steps to Improve Landscape and Boost Curb Appeal by Spring

    Want your landscape to look its finest as soon as spring buds?

    The secret is to care for your trees and plants during the dormant season.

    Besides looking good, tending your trees and landscape increases curb appeal. Since spring is the most popular time to sell houses, a sleek outdoor space helps your home stand out. After all, your outdoor space is your home’s first impression.

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  • Tree Inventories Save Time and Money (and Trees)

    The following blog post is based on an article written by Lee Mueller, project developer for Davey Resource Group (DRG). Humans naturally gravitate toward large trees. If you take a group of kids on a nature walk, it is often the largest and oldest trees that captivate their attention. Whether it is for shade, beauty, or tree-house potential, there is simply a magnetic draw to the largest trees.

    Aside from humans’ obvious preference for large, majestic trees, trees have become more recognized as assets—and perhaps investments. Tools like the National Tree Benefits Calculator (http://www.treebenefits.org) and the i-Tree suite (http://www.itreetools.org) help calculate the benefits trees provide, placing a monetary value on these benefits and the tree itself.

    Recent scientific research suggests that trees in front of a house can increase home value by as much as 6.4%1. Combined, this shows trees continue to grow in value over time—but only if they are afforded the proper care to reduce issues and extend longevity.

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  • 9 Ways to Add Curb Appeal for a Quick Home Sale

    In this Angie's List article, Jeff Newborn, district manager of Davey's Kansas City residential tree services office, gives homeowners nine ways to add curb apeal to their home. With spring in the air, now is the perfect time to fix up your yard. If you are planning to sell your home, this will help prepare your house to be put on the market. Curb appeal is the No. 1 factor in determining a home sale.

    The National Association of Realtors reported in 2013 that “gardening and landscaping efforts pay off; curb appeal projects are rated among the most valuable home improvement projects.”

    In fact, well-maintained yards yield a higher price and quicker sale. A manicured landscape can add up to 28 percent to the overall value of a house and an attractive yard can cut a property’s time on the market up to 15 percent.

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