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  • What to Put in Compost to Start

    You’ve whipped up an incredible meal for your family. Naturally, you have some vegetable or bread scraps you didn’t use. You don’t want to throw them in the garbage. Then a thought enters your mind - COMPOSTING!

    Did you know 40 percent of food in the United States today goes uneaten? This means we throw out about $165 billion of food each year!

    Read on for ways to start your compost pile at home and put your food waste to good use!

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  • Compost Shredded, Dry Leaves to Get These Leaf Compost Benefits

    Tidying up your yard in fall can easily turn into a day-long job. After all that hard work, put your leaves to good use.

    Compost is the best way to do that. Its many benefits make your lengthy leaf cleanup well worth it. Learn how to compost leaves below.

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  • The Best Advice on DIY Tree Removal and Cutting

    When it comes to DIY improvements, there are some projects you can handle like a pro and others you should leave to a pro.

    Find out if it’s ever safe and recommended to remove a tree on your own.

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  • DIY Tree Watering with Homemade Tree Watering System

    Did you know more than 50 percent of a living tree’s weight is water? That H2O helps trees thrive.

    You want to water your tree deeply, which you can do easily with one of these tree watering systems.

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