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  • Plants Good for Flooding and Wet Areas (By Zone)

    Does your garden keep flooding when it rains? Or is your landscape often affected by floods?

    Learn how to fix this problem while discovering plants that thrive in wet soil.

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  • How to Tell What Type of Tree I Have

    23,000 – that’s how many different types of trees there are in the world.

    If you’ve found a tree that catches your eye, here’s how to identify your tree. You can use the leaf, bark or an app to discover what type of tree you have.

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  • The Legendary Champion White Oak Lives On

    The Wye Oak State Park in Maryland once housed one of the most majestic white oaks of its time. This nearly 500-year-old tree lived a long and happy life until Mother Nature’s woes caused it to fall in 2002. Read below to find out how the legacy of this brilliant tree lives on today. Maryland’s former state tree, the enormous, regal white oak of Wye Oak State Park, dominated this spot for nearly 500 years, creating shade for surrounding structures built centuries later. In spite of its longevity, a severe and lethal summer storm felled the once mighty white oak in 2002—despite the fact that it had been cabled in the 1990s.

    In the tree’s heyday, it stood 96 feet high with an enormous 119 foot spread. To keep its legacy alive, a sprightly, young oak was planted within the former giant’s tree trunk.

    For 75 years, American Forests has identified the country’s largest native trees in order to preserve them and educate the public about their importance. To celebrate, and mark Davey’s 25th year partnering with American Forests, the 2015 National big Tree Program Calendar features special champion trees from across the country, including the unforgettable, former champion white oak.

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  • How to Choose the Best Tree for a Tree Swing

    Summer is here! That means children are out of school and ready to play. What better way to bring joy to your children than a hand-crafted tree swing? Turn your landscape into a playground where kids can run freely, swing high into the trees and enjoy summer’s warm and playful spirit. Below, Greg Mazur, department manager at the Davey Institute, shares his advice on how to pick the perfect tree for your tree swing. Here are Mazur’s Top 3 Tips for Tree Swing Success:

    1. Pick A Well Established Tree. Mazur suggests scoping your landscape for an older, well-established tree that is very sturdy and strong. A newly planted tree will not be able to withstand the swing’s weight, affecting its growth and health for years to come.

    “It's not a matter of just going outside and selecting a tree and attaching the swing,” Mazur says. “They have to be planted decades in advance.”

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