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  • How to Stake a Tree Properly (And How Long to Keep It Staked)

    After planting a new tree, does it need to be staked? Some do, and some don't.

    See if you should stake a new tree. If so, learn some staking trees methods and how long to keep a tree staked.

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  • When is the Best Time of Year to Plant Trees? (Evergreens, Maples and Fruit Trees)

    To maximize the benefits of trees, set them up for success by planting them at the right time of year.

    Learn the best time of year to plant all different types of trees below!

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  • How to Fix a Tree Planted Too Deep

    Make sure you didn’t make the most common tree planting mistake – one that could keep your tree from reaching its full potential.

    Check that you didn’t plant your tree too deep.

    Below, we’ll help you determine if you did indeed plant your new tree too deeply and how to fix the problem.

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  • How to Transplant a Tree: What to Do and What Not To Do

    Trees root into the earth, but that doesn’t mean they are impossible to remove from the ground and transport to a new home. You love your trees, but sometimes they’re better suited for locations elsewhere. Perhaps they’ve out-grown the space in which they’re rooted, or, maybe you plan to move somewhere new but wish to bring that special tree along with you.

    Regardless of the tree you’re moving and the space to which you plant transport it, there are several guidelines to follow for the safe and proper transplanting of trees:

    1. There and good and not-so-ideal times of the year to transplant trees. “The best time to transplant a tree is when it’s dormant and the ground conditions are ‘just right,’” says Rick Hanshaw, manager of the Davey Nursery in Wooster, Ohio. “These conditions typically occur in spring and fall, before frost develops in the soil. You just don’t want to transplant a tree when its canopy is full expressed.”

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