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  • When Do Tree Leaves Come Back in Spring?

    We can use clues to predict when trees typically leaf out.

    Find out when trees bloom and grow new leaves in your region - and see if it's an issue if your tree is not growing leaves yet in spring! 

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  • What Happens If Trees Bud Too Early?

    With the warm weather, it feels more like spring than winter. In fact, you may have seen trees budding or even blooming already.

    Is it bad if trees start budding when it’s technically still winter?

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  • How to Tell if a Tree is Dead in Winter

    In winter, trees conserve their energy and prepare for spring. But when resting, dormant tree branches look eerily like a dead tree.

    Check if your tree is dead in winter or just dormant in 3 steps.

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  • What to Do When Evergreen Trees Are Dying from Top Down

    If you were admiring your evergreen and noticed brown, dead needles at the top, something is probably wrong.

    Read on to find out why your pine or spruce is browning and what you can do to save it.

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