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  • Fireproof Landscapes with Fire Resistant Plants, Trees and Shrubs

    Wildfires are scary and can do an incredible amount of damage.

    Do your best to protect your home by creating a defensible space and planting fire resistant plants, trees and shrubs.

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  • Do Cicadas Damage or Eat Trees?

    It's summer, which means the rhythmic (and incessant) chirping of cicadas.

    If you hear or see cicadas in your yard, are they just annoying, or can they do damage?

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  • How to Get Rid of Ants Near Your Trees

    Some ants don’t pose a problem at all and others are out to hurt our plants.

    So how can you tell the difference? Read on to learn everything you need to know about these creeping critters and your tree’s health.

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  • Getting Rid of Sweetgum Tree Balls

    Ashley recently asked, “Any thoughts about preventing an American sweetgum tree from dropping its spiky balls? I researched online about injections you can give the tree.”

    Keep reading to learn about tackling this prickly problem.

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