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  • How to Choose the Best Tree for a Tree Swing

    Summer is here! That means children are out of school and ready to play. What better way to bring joy to your children than a hand-crafted tree swing? Turn your landscape into a playground where kids can run freely, swing high into the trees and enjoy summer’s warm and playful spirit. Below, Greg Mazur, department manager at the Davey Institute, shares his advice on how to pick the perfect tree for your tree swing. Here are Mazur’s Top 3 Tips for Tree Swing Success:

    1. Pick A Well Established Tree. Mazur suggests scoping your landscape for an older, well-established tree that is very sturdy and strong. A newly planted tree will not be able to withstand the swing’s weight, affecting its growth and health for years to come.

    “It's not a matter of just going outside and selecting a tree and attaching the swing,” Mazur says. “They have to be planted decades in advance.”

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  • Pick the Right Trees for Drought-Prone Landscapes

    The following blog post has been adapted from a piece Davey contributed to the Association of Professional Landscape Designers' (APLD) Spring 2015 issue of The Designer magazine. Persistent drought conditions across the southwestern U.S. illustrate the need for landscape designs that can endure harsh drying trends.

    The challenge lies in meeting low-water demands without sacrificing beauty or functionality.

    By choosing the right tree, you can create a landscape with all the benefits trees have to offer—even for clients located in hot, dry climates.

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  • How to Brighten Up a Weary Winter with Trees

    Are the gray skies, slippery ice and piles of snow weighing you down? In the dark days of winter, we yearn for the fresh new blossoms of spring. Some of us crave color in blinding white winters—dreaming of full green canopies, yellow beams of sun and radiant, rainbow-tinted flowers.

    Need a winter pick-me-up? You will be happy to know there are some colorful plant and tree species that can withstand Mother Nature’s harsh winters. Think about planting one of these species we’ve listed below for a constant color fix in your landscape all year long.  

    4 STEP WINTER INTEREST BREAKDOWN: Follow these 4 winter color tips to enjoy a bright, beautiful landscape all year long.

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  • Spring Feeders

    Spring is here. And, like me, the birds in my yard are not shy about sharing their excitement.

    My blooming trees have attracted a booming number of birds within a matter of days. Their chirping chatter is frequent, day after day. Although their singing wakes me a bit earlier in the mornings, I often open my eyes to see bright rays of sunshine seep through my bedroom window: A sight that makes me smile.

    It's clear that I love spring, but I realize the season's surprises cannot last forever. Spring flowers will fall from trees and bushes to make room for greener, fuller canopies. So what will happen to my chirping companions when the spring blossoms cease to appear?

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