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  • Why Do My Tree and Plant Leaves Look Sunburned?

    Amelia asked, “My Japanese maple's leaves are turning brown at a fast rate starting on one side of the tree. Is it due to lack of water?”

    Burnt leaves usually point to a problem called leaf scorch. Find out what to do about it.

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  • Getting Rid of Sweetgum Tree Balls

    Ashley recently asked, “Any thoughts about preventing an American sweetgum tree from dropping its spiky balls? I researched online about injections you can give the tree.”

    Keep reading to learn about tackling this prickly problem.

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  • How to Stop Tree Roots from Sprouting in the Lawn

    Joy asked, “We have a pear tree. It has sprouted shoots all over the grass. Is there any solution other than removing the tree?”

    We asked experts why tree roots sprout, how to remove them and if you can stop them from growing again.

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  • Best Trees to Replace Ash (Ash Tree Alternatives by Zone)

    If you removed an ash tree because of emerald ash borer (EAB), you likely want to fill the bare spot.

    Learn about the benefits of diversifying your landscape and find a great ash tree replacement.

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