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  • Shades of Fall

    Who doesn't love a road trip in the summer? Families piling into cars with inflatable floats shaped like donuts and crocodiles. Playing Eye Spy or finding different states on license plates as you go. Each hour, the growing anticipation builds over when you're going to get your first glimpse of the ocean or Cinderella's castle.

    The best part has to be the warm, summer nights. After long days splashing in pools or seeing the sights, everyone cuddles up to watch the fireworks - bursting light shows with all their glittery, sparkly colors and magical shapes.

    Unfortunately, the summer travel season is over. As the cool, crisp weather slowly takes over, tourists have headed back to work and school, hanging their heads a bit and resuming their normal schedules.

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  • Remembering the Fallen

    Outdoor projects comes in all shapes and sizes; no two are exactly alike.

    But some projects are truly special. They have a memory and connection and such life, they get inside you as you work on them. They leave behind something extraordinary that becomes a part of you.  

    This weekend marks the 10th anniversary of that dark day when terrorists attacked the U.S. No American can forget where they were, what they were doing or how they felt that morning when planes crashed into the World Trade Center buildings, the Pentagon and this remote field in Pennsylvania where 40 heroes averted Flight 93 from its targeted destination.

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  • All Cotton, No Candy

    Lights twinkling in the dusk. Laughter and music coming from every corner, ebbing and flowing as the Merry-Go-Round circles and the Tilt-a-Whirl makes its stomach-tumbling spins and dips. Friends racing from ride to ride, families skipping to the concession stand and couples holding hands, their silhouettes framed in the light.

    The carnival. And it's not complete without classic, sugar-rush-inducing foods - so many options it's hard to make a choice. The candy apple - glossy red and sticky sweet. The funnel cake, fried and drizzled with chocolate sauce and powdered sugar. Apple fritters, warm out of the fryer with flavors of tart Granny Smith bursting with cinnamon and sugar.

    And then there's cotton candy. Threaded sugar twirled onto a stick in unmistakable pastel shades of Easter egg blue and baby pink. It sticks to your fingers and your nose. And when you take a bite, it's fluffy as air in your mouth and then melts swiftly into a sweet syrup on your tongue.

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  • Centennial Oak Stands For Freedom and Equality

    You often hear us say that every tree tells a story.

    Well, it's true. When people come across an impressive, mature tree, they often wonder what kind of stories it might tell if it could talk. What historic tales would it share, detailing the monumental events that have happened in its shade? Would this watchful tree, unmoving and trusted by those nearby, be able to disclose even more specifics than the humans recording historical data?

    In fact, some trees have stories so remarkable, you can't help but spread the word, telling its tale to others … almost like you're sitting at a campfire at night, sharing old legends with youngsters.

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