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  • Planting Memories

    More than 10 years after the events of 9/11, the Flight 93 National Memorial remains the only 9/11 site that is unfunded and incomplete.

    This weekend, Davey helped the park get one step closer to completion.

    To kick off National Park Week, 24 Davey volunteers traveled to the memorial to aid with a planned 150,000-tree reforestation effort, part of the overall landscape design of the Flight 93 National Memorial. This weekend focused on nearly 15,000 of these seedlings - a mixture of a dozen native conifer and deciduous species - that will form a windbreak to protect other trees planted near memorial groves.

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  • Every Tree Counts!

    How much is your tree worth to you?

    The peaceful sound of its leaves rustling in the breeze? An afternoon of shade? A place for your favorite birds to nest and perch? Home base for your children's daily game of tag?

    There are so many things trees mean to us that are invaluable. But what about the other stuff we don't always notice right away? Like the reduced air conditioning and heating costs? Or the reduction in the amount of rainwater that flows into storm water systems? Or the removal of carbon dioxide and other gases and pollutants from the air we breathe? While these tree benefits may not be as readily noticeable as the more visual and aesthetic attributes, they are scientifically measurable.

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  • Healthy Trees? Check.


    You see them every day - the invasion of concrete jungles has yet to erase their existence. They line the streets and highways you drive on your commute to work. They stand tall in the city parks where you walk your dogs and watch your children play. They appear as far away as the distant rolling hills and scenery of nearby towns and as close by as the greenery surrounding your homes.

    You see trees everywhere, every day, but are you aware of the work that's required to keep them healthy?

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  • Your Tree Questions Answered!

    You know it's spring when the sun is shining, the birds are singing, the flowers begin blooming … and questions for The Tree Doctor start rolling in.

    Here are a few of the recent questions we've been asked. We hope the answers to these common questions help you get your trees off to a great start this season.

    QUESTION: I planted a potted apple tree that had flowers. A week ago the flowers dropped off and the leaves became really soft. What could be the problem?

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