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    How do you encourage lower branch growth on a crepe myrtle? Could construction have caused damage to my tree? What is this suspicious looking moldy growth on my dogwood?

    When people are out in their yards during the spring, they are usually getting their landscapes ready for enjoyment. They bring out the patio furniture and dust it off. They take out the accompanying umbrellas and cushions and wash them off, preparing them for enjoying warm evenings and weekends relaxing in the backyard. They clean up their landscape beds, ordering and spreading mulch to give everything a fresh look.

    During this time, they also get a chance to get close to their plants. That's when they notice if anything peculiar or strange is happening with one of their trees.

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  • What's Your "Thinspiration?"

    It's nearly 2 p.m. on a Friday. I'm stationed at my desk at work, and I've been staring at the computer screen for what seems like ages. The weekend is nearly here - I can already hear the birds singing as I work my way through an early spring cleaning of my yard on Saturday morning.

    As the minutes drag by, the ability for me to focus weakens. (Now I smell fresh grass clippings that are seeping through the window; I feel the cool breeze it accompanies.) I open my top desk drawer to grab a file I'll need to reference for my next project when I see it - that dark chocolate candy bar I bought last week to save me from moments like these.

    When I'm about to grab that candy bar and rip it open in desperation, I suddenly remember the healthier lifestyle I pledged to maintain months ago - with the intention of actually maintaining it this time.

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  • Trees Are Important Everyday

    Remember when you were a child playing at the park and the trees towered all around you - tall and strong? Maybe you'd try and wrap your arms around their massive trunks. Or maybe you'd bend your neck back as far as you could to try and look up and see through all of the branches to the very tops of the trees.

    And as you grew, the trees grew with you. While other things like your childhood home appeared smaller as you grew bigger, trees still towered above you - watchful guardians of your progress. Even as an adult, I find myself standing back in awe at the amazing structures of some of my favorite trees.

    Year after year, Mother Nature blesses us with beautiful specimens that last. Their growth inspires us to embrace all of life's memories and branch out to try new experiences. Like trees, we can achieve great milestones through personal growth.

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  • Planting Memories

    More than 10 years after the events of 9/11, the Flight 93 National Memorial remains the only 9/11 site that is unfunded and incomplete.

    This weekend, Davey helped the park get one step closer to completion.

    To kick off National Park Week, 24 Davey volunteers traveled to the memorial to aid with a planned 150,000-tree reforestation effort, part of the overall landscape design of the Flight 93 National Memorial. This weekend focused on nearly 15,000 of these seedlings - a mixture of a dozen native conifer and deciduous species - that will form a windbreak to protect other trees planted near memorial groves.

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