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  • On a Quest for More Trees

    Take a step outside. Walk around the neighborhood and look around.

    Does your eye follow the cars sitting bumper-to-bumper along the busy streets or observe the young trees lining the sidewalks? Do you first notice the "Open" sign at your favorite restaurant or the hours listing at the local park? Where do you turn to when you need a break - the local shopping mall or the hike and bike trail on the outskirts of town?

    Whether we'll admit it or not, sometimes all we need is a little tree-therapy. Trees make us happy. Their presence can ease our minds, and their existence can help heal. But, unfortunately, some areas lack forests and other wooded areas - some areas could use a little more green.

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  • Green With Envy

    The aroma of fresh cut grass hangs in the air. Nearly all my perennials are planted and absorbing the plentiful sunshine and occasional rainfall. And I can almost taste the smell of hamburgers that has made its way to our back porch from the grill next door.

    Check your calendar: Summer's outdoor party season has officially begun.

    Has your barbeque grill made its way out of storage? Is the badminton net set up for some games? Is the fire pit open and ready to roast s'mores? And is your lawn ready to withstand summer's frequent outdoor activity - and excessive heat and pests?

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  • In Memory Of...

    I've shared ways nature can help heal. I've shared ways nature can help reduce stress. And I've shared ways nature can be enjoyed, whether you picnic in the park, walk a local hiking trail or simply lay in a hammock between the trees in your backyard.

    In honor of Memorial Day, the upcoming holiday we'll observe on Monday, today I'll share one way nature can help us remember.

    As I assume many individuals my age can relate, my grandpa and a few uncles of mine have served in the U.S. Army and Marines Corps. My relatives were fortunate to complete their service terms and return home from the wars. But other brave soldiers were not so fortunate to see their families and friends at the conclusion of combat.

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  • Time to Explore Nature


    While I was in grade school, my parents often hiked in the state metro parks near our hometown. My siblings and I typically tagged along. We'd walk the trails with Mom and Dad but also frequent the edge of the path to watch a chipmunk scurry behind a fallen tree or to catch a glimpse of the ducks wading in the pond in the distance.

    It's time to further enjoy and appreciate those natural ­sceneries once again. The seasons are changing and Mother Nature invites you to indulge while the weather doesn't require heavy coats, hats, mittens and boots. The temperature outside is increasing, the school year is winding down and your body is anxious to get outside. It's time.

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