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Learn how to keep your grass green and have a beautiful lawn like this, even in the hot summer weather!

How to Keep Grass Green in Hot Summer Weather

August 9, 2018

Lush grass glowing under the sun sets the scene for summer. 

But much to our dismay, that sea of green seems to slowly fade into a crunchy brown as the summer wears on. 

In the dog days of summer, it can feel impossible to avoid those brown spots!  

But there are lots of ways you can protect your turf’s green glow. Below learn nine tricks to keep your lawn looking fresh all summer. 

Tips for Keeping Lawns Green in Summer Heat

Keeping your turf looking good in the summer doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, the solution lies in things you’re already doing! 

How to Keep Your Grass Green in the Summer

Here’s how to tweak your typical lawn care regimen to meet its summer needs: 


  1. Mow in either the early morning or early evening to avoid the peak daytime heat. 
  2. Set your mower at 3 inches or even the highest setting. When blades are taller, grass handles the heat much better.  
  3. Each time you mow, trim just a third of the lawn’s total height. 


  1. Know when to water. Typically, that's when grass turns a grayish-blue color. Or if you step on it, and it stays matted down instead of springing back up, you should water.
  2. Each week, give turf one or 1 ½ inches of water, as early in the day as you can. Watering in the morning gives the soil enough time to soak the liquid before the heat of the day evaporates it. Plus, if you were to water in the evening, it could actually make any fungal diseases worse! 


  1. Fertilize warm season grass. Summer is peak growing season, and nitrogen found in fertilizer keeps that new growth green.
  2. If you have a cool season grass, wait to fertilize. These are dormant in the summer, and fertilizer will trigger too much new growth for them to stay green.  
  3. Unsure which type you have? See our regional breakdown here. 
  4. Hold off on any other maintenance like seeding and weed control until early fall.

Seem like too much work? Click, and we’ll take it from here! 

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