Summer Tree Care Checklist: 3 Steps to Tree Safety this Season

Summer Tree Care Checklist: 3 Steps to Tree Safety this Season

What are some things that remind you of summer?

Maybe it’s sinking your feet into the warm sand of your favorite beach or the savory smell of a good ol’ family barbeque.

Now, imagine if we could ask our trees what comes to mind when they think of summer. Their memories may not be as joyful.

Drought stress. Storm damage. Pesky insects.

Trees might not be wishing for summer as much as we are, but there are steps we can take to ensure they remain happy and healthy during the season.

Use our 3-step seasonal summer checklist to keep your trees strong and safe this summer. P.S. you can also download our checklist to keep on hand, too!

1. The Initial Inspection

2. A Light Trim, Please

  • Trim any dead, diseased or hazardous branches. Your tree won’t need a full prune, but cutting away unsafe branches will protect against summer storm damage.
  • Prune spring flowering shrubs to keep them shapely and thriving.

3. The Recipe for Strength

  • Feed trees with fertilizer to nourish them in time for summer’s heat. Unsure if they need it? Here’s how to check if your trees need fertilized.
  • Cable, brace or remove weak limbs. This will allow stronger limbs to better withstand the storm season.

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