How to Stop Pine Beetle Infestation

How to Stop Pine Beetle Infestation

Our pines and evergreens are often some of our favorite trees in the yard.

No matter the season or weather, they’re always there to brighten our day with a pop of green.

Now, your pine trees may ask for a favor in return – protect them from pine beetles.

From coast to coast, destructive pine beetles are eating their way through our pine trees.

Learn the common signs of pine beetles, how to prevent them from hurting your trees and how to control them if they’re already there.

How do I know if my trees have pine beetles? What are the symptoms?

Whether the mountain pine beetle, Southern pine beetle or Western pine beetle is in your area, the signs they leave behind are the same.

On pine trees, look for these symptoms.

  • Beetles 3-7 millimeters in length
  • Small, yellow gummy-shaped sap formations, called pitch tubes
  • Fine, powdery red-brown dust around holes on tree bark
  • Foliage that changes to a dull green, then yellow and finally a reddish-brown

How can I protect my pines from pine beetles?

If you have pine trees and know pine beetles are in your area, you guessed it. Proactive prevention is your best bet to save your pine trees.

Pine beetles of all kinds – including the Western, Southern and mountain pine beetle –  attack weak trees. Generally, pine beetles leave healthy trees alone. Though, if their population is high, they may attack healthy ones as well.

Work with your local arborist to create a long-term plant health care plan. Most often, they’ll keep your trees fertilized, mulched, pruned and watered during drought or other stressful periods. This way, your trees are healthier and less vulnerable to damage.

Plus, you can also proactively apply insecticide treatments to stop these harmful beetles before they attack.

How do I control pine beetles? Is there a treatment for pine beetles?

If your tree looks like it’s infested with pine beetles, have a certified arborist out to confirm. From there, your arborist can help determine the next step.

Often, infested trees are removed to prevent the beetle from spreading to other pines in your yard.

The treatment for pine beetles works best when applied proactively before an infestation is detected.

So, if you have a pine tree you love, act early to reduce the pine beetles’ impact and damage.

Contact your local arborist to save and protect your pine tree today.

  • The Tree Doctor July 23, 2018 >Hi Linda, This could be several different things. I would recommend that you have a certified arborist come out to take a look. They will be able to make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe a treatment plan accordingly. Unfortunately, Davey Tree does not service your area. Here is a resource that can help you when trying to hire a certified arborist: Best of luck to you, Linda.
  • Linda Wilson July 18, 2018 >Something is eating the needles on my pine tree. I can't find any type of bug. What could it be??
  • The Tree Doctor May 15, 2018 >Hi Charles, I sent your request over to your local office. They will reach out to you as soon as they can to schedule a free consultation. They will inspect the tree and give you a quote. If you would like to reach out to the office directly, here is their webpage that has all of their contact information: Good luck! Here if you have any more questions, Charles.
  • Charles de Limur May 15, 2018 >I have a dead douglas fir that needs to be taken down. Is there an estimator who can come up and give me a bid?
  • kim trankina April 23, 2018 >we have two large pines that seem to be infested with pine beetles, and already appear to have killed the trees. we would like to have an arborist come out asap and inspect the trees and the surrounding trees. We realize we need to take the trees down and want to do do it soon
  • The Tree Doctor February 26, 2018 >Hi there, Nicia. Unfortunately, Davey Tree does not service your neck of the woods! In the meantime, you may find this article helpful, Here if you have any other questions, Nicia.
  • Nicia White February 24, 2018 >We have beetles I’m pretty sure on our pine trees. We have 10 acres of pine. We want to save some of the big ones by spraying or injecting whatever is needed.
  • The Tree Doctor April 4, 2017 >Hi Steve! We wish we could help you out, but unfortunately, we aren't in your neck of the woods. Instead, we recommend finding a good, qualified arborist by using this International Society of Arboriculture tool: Wishing you and your trees all the best, Steve.
  • Steve Mont April 3, 2017 >Hi! Can you recommend a good arborist in our area? Mountain Center Ca? Might have the beetles
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