The 3-Step Guide to Choosing a Safe Tree Service

The 3-Step Guide to Choosing a Safe Tree Service

This post is part of our month-long “Selecting a Tree Service” series to offer tips for hiring a qualified tree care service. Check back every Tuesday of this month for a new post!

If you’ve been browsing the web for tips on choosing a tree service, no doubt you’ve seen countless recommendations to work with licensed, insured and accredited professionals.

Of course these credentials sound important, but what do they mean for you and your property? Ask yourself these three questions to determine how to hire a tree service that will keep your home and trees safe.

Is the company licensed and insured?

While climbing trees may be one of your favorite childhood pastimes, the job is much more serious for professional arborists. Often, arborists are quite high from the ground -even close to surrounding power lines- while using power tools.

With so many factors at play, it's best to be safe. At Davey, all our tree climbers and employees are licensed and covered by company insurance.

That isn't the case for every tree service out there.

Davey client Meg Griffin learned how important a licensed tree company is when she came home to careless cuts on her beloved oak tree. Her neighbor’s unlicensed tree service incorrectly trimmed away at the tree, leaving it vulnerable to disease and damage.

Some tree companies do not have insurance - or employ unlicensed climbers and trimmers. These risks provide a huge liability to you. If anything were to go wrong on your property, you could be financially liable for injuries or damaged assets.

When you work with an insured tree trimming company, such as Davey Tree, that's something you never have to worry about. Always ask if your tree service company has insurance before hiring them.

What are the company’s credentials?

It’s best to work with a company that has both certified and accredited arborists. ISA Certified Arborists® have gone the extra mile to prove their commitment to exceptional tree care. A lengthy process of education, testing and verifications equips them with the knowledge and skills to best meet client’s needs.

Beyond the arborists, look at the company’s credentials.

The Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) has a well-respected accreditation program that ensures tree care companies use professional and safe standards on your property. TCIA recognizes companies that put safety training into practice, from safe equipment use to cautious tree climbing.

How does accreditation benefit me?

Tree care services that have completed the thorough process of accreditation are highly respected in the industry. Companies go through TCIA’s review voluntarily and are approved based on:

  • Reliable and ethical customer care
  • Formal employee training
  • Compliance with industry standards
  • Attention to safety and quality

Now that you know the credentials, it’s time to find a company to match.

At Davey Tree, the accreditation goes straight from paper to your property. We pride ourselves in The Davey Difference—ensuring that our certified team commits to safety standards and exceptional client service.

Learn more about Davey’s qualified and trusted team by requesting a free consultation with your local office.  

  • Easton Memmott October 10, 2018 >I like the tip you gave to check the credentials of a tree service before you hire them. There is a tree in my yard that I need to get trimmed before it hits the power lines, and I want to make sure that I choose a reliable service. I will be sure to check the credentials of a service before I decide to hire them, so I will know that I can trust them.
  • Easton Memmott August 1, 2018 >I had never thought to check if the tree service companies are insured. It seems like a wonderful idea. I am not in need of a tree removal service. If I were in need of such, I would be sure to check their insurance credentials.
  • Arthur DeMarco April 5, 2018 >I like your suggestion to check if your tree service is insured. Climbing up trees with cutting equipment isn't the safest job in the world. It'd be a tragedy to have someone injured on your property, much less to be responsible for it.
  • Tree felling North Shore Tree pruning North Shore September 30, 2017 >Great information. It is very informative post. Thanks for sharing this information.
  • Barbera Peters July 19, 2017 >My brother just had a branch from his backyard tree fall onto his child's play set. He wants to get a company to come remove the branch but isn't sure how to find the right one. This article was awesome at explaining how to find the right benefits the company provides , such as looking for customer care, attention to safety, and training. Thanks for the great tips.
  • Scott Adams July 10, 2017 >I can see how it would be important to find a company that has liability insurance. I have been looking for different tree removal services, and I wasn't sure how to make a decision. I can see how finding a company that has everything covered by insurance, could help me make a decision.
  • Scott Adams June 19, 2017 >I like that you mention finding someone with insurance. I have been looking for someone to safely remove a tree. I would be nice if they had insurance, just in case something happens. Thanks for the information!
  • The Tree Doctor June 13, 2017 >Hi Annika! You’ve done the right thing by contacting a professional to remove your trees. We would be happy to come out to your property for a consultation! Thanks for contacting us. I’ve passed along your request to your local office, so they should be reaching out soon to set up a free consultation. Or if you’d prefer, you can contact them at 425.429.7449 or Either way, talk more soon, Annika.
  • Annika Larson June 12, 2017 >We have some trees in our backyard that present a safety hazard to our home if they were to fall. We want to have these trees professionally removed to ensure safety. As you said, making sure that a company is insured will help you avoid any responsibility for potential accidents.
  • Alice Jones June 9, 2017 >My husband and I believe it's time for our tree to have a trimming service, so I'm looking online for some tips. I like how you explain the importance of finding a tree service company who is certified and insured before hiring them. I'll share this article with my husband.
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