4 Things to Check Off Your Landscaping Spring Cleaning List

4 Things to Check Off Your Landscaping Spring Cleaning List

If you’ve ever caught yourself admiring the eye-catching maple tree down the street, or the vibrant spread of flowers outside a local shop, we’ll bet you’ve wondered, “Can my yard look like that?”

The answer is, yes! With the right plan, you can revamp your landscape this spring.

Before jumping into spring landscape projects, though, give your property a clean slate. A full spring cleanup helps with healthy growth for your current plants and makes the perfect setting for adding new plants to the mix.

Take on spring cleaning with these 4 steps to spruce up your landscape.

  1. Clean the Scene

Remove all debris from your landscape. You should be looking out for old leaves, twigs, fallen fruit and garbage that lingered throughout the winter. Compost organic matter whenever possible.

  1. A Timely Trim

Shape up your trees and shrubs by removing dead branches and leaves. Be sure to prune before full blooms to avoid upsetting the plant’s natural growth.

  1. Freshen Your Flower Beds

Rid your plant beds of uninvited weeds. Add weed control after a thorough weeding to provide a long-lasting shield.

  1. Tree Nourishing Needs

Once weeds are cleared, mulch keeps them from making a comeback. Add a 2 to 4-inch layer of mulch around plants to suppress weeds and keep moisture in the soil.  

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  • The Tree Doctor February 12, 2018 > Hi there, Patty. We would be happy to give you an estimate for pruning. I have passed along your information to your local office, so they should be reaching out soon. Or, if you’d prefer, you can contact them at (408) 453-3389 or online, davey.com/local-offices/south-bay-tree-service/. Here if you need anything else, Patty.
  • Patty Hurko February 7, 2018 >Request quote on pruning for 3 trees, 2 in front near house, and one lemon tree in backyard
  • The Tree Doctor February 9, 2017 >Hi there, Joy. Great question! The best way to see if your pear tree and deciduous tree need to be pruned is to have an arborist inspect them in person. From there, your arborist will provide you with the best next step - and if needed, an estimate for pruning. Schedule a free consultation with your local arborist by calling 866.562.8387 or filling out this form: davey.com/southbay#main-form. Here if you have any other questions, Joy!
  • Joy Olson February 8, 2017 >I have a flowering pear tree in the front yard and one in the back yard plus another Deciduous (sp) tree in the back yard. About what would it cost to have them pruned or trimmed or do they even need it?
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