Look Both Ways When Planting a Tree

Look Both Ways When Planting a Tree

Making the decision to plant a tree is both a financial and aesthetic reward. But before you can maximize your tree’s lifespan and economic benefits, it is important to know what goes into choosing the right trees for your property.

To help your new tree head in the right direction, take a look at your surroundings.

First, look up: online and in your yard! Finding a tree that will grow well with your area’s specific weather conditions, insects and diseases requires a little homework. Not every tree can thrive in every environment, so do a little research before choosing your green asset.

Also, step into your yard and look up. Consider how tall the tree will grow and ensure that it will not interfere with overhead wires, shingles, gutters and other obstructions.

Now look down: before securing your planting spot, determine if that area has any competing shrubs or other plants, adequate space and a clear path of sunlight.

Take your research underground and learn more about the soil you’re working with, too. It's important to choose a tree species that is compatible with the soil in your yard.

Finally, take a look around your yard. Existing trees near your planting spot can cause problems in the long run. Avoid overplanting by making sure you leave plenty of room for your new tree’s growing conditions.

Around patio areas, choose to plant a tree that stays compact so you don’t have to worry about frequent pruning. If you want to maximize cooling and energy savings, plant the tree on the west side of your home.

The USDA hardiness zone map is a great resource to determine what trees grow best in what areas. For more information about the best tree and planting process for your yard, contact your local arborist.

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