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The dormant season is an ideal time to promote current tree health and future tree growth with pruning.

5 Reasons To Prune During the Dormant Season

October 16, 2015

You may dread the thought of late fall and winter elements, but for your trees, it’s the moment they’ve been waiting for all year.

The dormant season temporarily slows tree growth, which may sound damaging, but in reality, it provides opportunity. Pruning in this season is an ideal time to promote current tree health and future tree growth.

So why is this timely trimming just what your tree wants?

The tree’s inactivity coupled with the outdoor elements gives us five reasons.

  1. Dormant pruning helps support disease management.  While pruning in warmer spring and summer temperatures can cause certain diseases to spread, a fresh cut in the dormant season makes the tree less likely to attract disease-carrying insects and spread disease. Also, the presence of some diseases is easier to spot on a bare tree.

  2. The tree has a foundation for the upcoming spring.  Pruning when leaves are absent makes it easier to improve the branching pattern and direct future growth. Furthermore, when a tree is pruned after the start of new growth in the spring, the blooming potential may be limited.
  3. Dormant pruning keeps trees sustained through the season. Getting rid of weak or damaged branches clears that tree of areas that may break off in winter weather.

  4. A precise prune is possible. Leaf drop throughout the fall season makes branches easier to see, so there is easy access to prune a tree at its core. This provides the most time-efficient solution for you.

  5. Dormant pruning saves time and money. With the cold weather providing a harder ground, arborists have easier access to the tree using equipment. This more efficient method of pruning saves us time and saves you money.

Download our infographic with quick facts about pruning in the dormant season.

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