Prep Your Landscape for a Summer Backyard Bash

Prep Your Landscape for a Summer Backyard Bash

Summer is the perfect time for backyard barbecues, bonfires and parties. With a bit of planning and preparation, your landscape will be ready to host this season’s celebrations you and your guests won’t forget.

In spirit of the July 4th holiday this weekend—the perfect time to head outdoors and enjoy family picnics or neighborhood cookouts—we’ve provided you with proper landscape care reminders you can keep in mind all season long.

Make your landscape look as impressive as the night sky lit with beams of colorful light from your local fireworks display.

Landscape and Tree Tips from the Ground Up

Lawn Love:

  1. Water when soil is dry (consider water restrictions in your community).
  2. Fertilize, especially to help turf recover from drought.
  3. Aerify to allow water and oxygen to better access the soil.
  4. Spot seed thin or bare areas of your lawn in late summer.
  5. Mow high to discourage weeds.

Flower Fun:

  1. Add color to your landscape with flower pots and hanging baskets.
  2. Plant annuals for an immediate show-stopping landscape.
  3. Fill bare spots in your landscape with blocks of colorful flowers.

Tree Tips:

  1. Water when soil is dry (consider water restrictions in your community).
  2. Fertilize to enlarge the root system.
  3. Mulch to conserve moisture and moderate soil temperature.
  4. Prune to remove dead and dying branches.
  5. Inspect for insects and diseases.
  6. Prepare for rough weather; it’s never too late to do this.

Remember your Davey Summer Tree Care Checklist to find more tree tips to help beautify your landscape.

Do you need help creating your dream summer landscape? Contact your local Davey professionally trained arborist for a free consultation.

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