Bring Birds to Your Backyard Trees This Winter

Bring Birds to Your Backyard Trees This Winter

The holiday season presents many opportunities to show our appreciation for loved ones. But the ones receiving extra special treatment this time of year don’t always have to be people.

What about the birds that fill your garden with life, movement and song throughout the year? A little bit can go a long way when it comes to treating backyard birds to a welcoming environment in your landscape this winter.

Want to see more flying friends in the New Year? Here are three things you can do to see happy birds around your landscape during the cold months:

Keep it green. Make sure you keep evergreens in your landscape. The pinecones and seeds they produce provide a good source of food for birds throughout winter. Also, their foliage tends to be very full and can provide safe shelter to birds during harsh weather.

Mix it up. Plant a variety of shrubs and trees that produce all kinds of food for birds through winter. Birds particularly love nuts, seeds and berries.

Food for thought. Although birds mainly rely on Mother Nature for their food, it’s always nice to help them out a bit by placing a feeder or two around your landscape. The kind of food you fill it with will vary by the region and the species of birds you want to attract, but almost any kind of birdseed will work.

Have a bird feeder or two, but not sure whether you have the species of trees or shrubs recommended above? Contact your local Davey professionally trained arborist to help you attract birds and other wildlife to your landscape this winter.

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