4 Reasons It's the Perfect Time to Prune

4 Reasons It's the Perfect Time to Prune

Now that the fall season is here, you may think this is the time to simply sit back, relax and wait for colorful leaves to fall from your trees. But, just because your trees’ dormant season, or the wicked winter, will be here soon, doesn’t mean they do not need your care.

Did you know? This is a great time to decide if your trees require pruning.

Here are just a few reasons why it’s the perfect time to prune:

  1. Trees grow. That’s not exactly a news flash, especially in most regions. A professional pruning cycle can help you manage growth to maintain a healthy and attractive tree.
  2. Beat storms to the punch. Seasonal storms can feature dangerously high winds. A regular pruning cycle encourages air circulation and therefore reduces the possibility of damage.
  3. Backyard safety. Evaluate and remove dangerous limbs to help keep your family safe.
  4. It makes $ense. Too often our tree doctors make house calls after the fact, when storm damage leads to costly removal services. As the old saying goes: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Not sure where to begin or need some help getting started? To learn more about pruning or to schedule your free consultation, contact your local, professionally trained Davey arborist.

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