It's Almost Summer! Bring on the Color.

It's Almost Summer! Bring on the Color.

There is nothing more fulfilling on an early summer morning than gazing out your window to witness the sunlight glinting off of the dew on the rich reds, bright yellows and cheerful orange blossom in your garden. As spring becomes summer, annuals add lively, robust pops of color to the scene, making it even more breathtaking then it was when those first green buds emerged.

Annuals bring color to the landscape, as well as versatile planting options; one can plant them in an existing flower bed, a decorative container or a window box. Once planted, these showstoppers continue to make an impression through fall and can be planted in a variety of soils and weather conditions.

Though they can serve as adaptable, hearty options, the primary motive for planting annuals is to add sunny shades, taking the garden from drab to dramatic.  While many believe color is, perhaps, enough reason to plant annuals, it is certainly not the only one. 

Plant annuals to counteract bare spots in the flower beds within your landscape.

Here, Davey's Commercial Landscape Services division shares its insight on planting annuals in your landscape. Read below for three more reasons Davey suggests to enhance, expand or rethink annuals in your landscape:

1)     Counteract bare spots. No matter how much time you put into making sure your landscape is full and bursting with color, there will always be times when perennials are still blooming, shrubs are working to fill in and trees may still be a bit immature. Fill in these bare spots with bold annuals in solid blocks to give areas that are rather sparse a lush, mature look. For the best, most long-lasting look, Davey recommends deer-, insect-, and disease- resistant annuals, such as begonias, marigolds and snapdragons.

2)     Create year-round visual impact. Annuals planted in high visibility areas make a statement. In summertime, tropicals like papyrus and banana plants are in full bloom. In winter, pansies offer pops of color varieties and create visual relief from bare, stark landscapes.

Annuals make your property pretty. It's that simple!

3)     Make your property pretty. With their bright, lively hues, annuals bring distinction to your property like nothing else. Annuals are so adaptable, they can be planted all across your landscape, even in the shade. Near trees with higher or larger roots, add potted annuals underneath them to combat the competition for water and nutrients. Remember to choose annuals that prefer more shade to sun and water them as necessary. Not a fan of annuals, but still want summer color? There are many perennials that can also provide that texture and bloom impact … and the bonus is they come back every year! Some shrubs also have wonderful variegated leaves that bring contrast and colorful flowers that add elements of whimsy to the garden. Even evergreen shrubs that offer hints of blue or gold can bring additional variety and color.

We'd love to read how you made your landscape distinct, versatile and colorful with annuals in the comment section below!

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