Spring Tree Care Starts ... NOW?

Spring Tree Care Starts ... NOW?


Now that spring is less than one month away, you don't have to feel too dreamy, over-enthusiastic or discouraged about thinking way ahead to the growing season. In fact, spring will be here before we know it-if you haven't been lucky enough to witness its aura already.

Soon enough, the snow will melt into shallow puddles and potholes along sidewalks and roadways, saturating the earth below and all around. Winter's debris will surface on lawns and landscapes, which will be kissed with the first sun they've felt in months.

Crocus and daffodils will creep above the earth's surface, shedding pops of color in flower beds all around. Shortly after, green leaf buds will emerge from twigs and branches awakening from winter's dormant stage. Blossoms will burst with vibrancy and fragrance.

You're not the only one in a dreamy spring stupor. So, let's face reality together: We just might have to wait a few more weeks until spring graces us with its presence.

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Now is time to start planning ahead for a healthy growing season for your trees this spring.

What we do know is this: Now is the perfect time to start planning for the good health of your trees. So, when winter woes bring you down, think spring! We think it's a great idea to plan ahead for a happy, healthy growing season.

What are you waiting for? Here's your chance to get a head start with Davey Tree Service's top 5 tips for the season!

  1. Inspect trees and shrubs. When melting snow and rainfall occur simultaneously, your landscape may encounter standing water and/or flood damage. Pay close attention to critical risk trees and consult a professionally trained arborist to determine whether removal and/or pest and disease treatments are necessary.
  2. Prune dead branches. Want healthy trees? Proper pruning protects your green assets from the unsafe branches that suffered damage from winter weather. Your local Davey arborist may recommend cabling and bracing to reduce strain and stress damage from high winds or lightning protection to protect trees from future spring and summer storms.
  3. Plant new trees. Spread your love for trees this spring. Davey provides several resources you need for proper planting, following the "right tree, right place" principle. Check out our helpful three-part planting videos.
  4. Mulch your landscape. Mulch secures the organic matter trees need beneath the soil surface. Conserve soil moisture and control weeds with proper mulching techniques.
  5. Fertilize your plants. Before your trees and shrubs enter peak growing season, apply a slow-release fertilizer to not only replace nutrients, but also to improve plants' resistance to damage from diseases, insects and stressful weather.
pruning tips
Proper pruning protects your green assets from the unsafe branches that suffered damage from winter weather.

Looking for more spring tree service tips? Bring your spring checklist outside as you inspect your landscape! Download a copy of Davey's spring checklist today!

If you're stumped and would like to discuss the health and care of your trees with a professionally trained arborist, contact your local Davey office for a free consultation. Let the countdown to spring begin!

  • Pine Plains NY Arborist March 3, 2014 >Caring for a tree during the winter is a good way to ensure that growth occurs in the spring and summer. Nice post.
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