Just like you, trees need routine checkups to keep them healthy.

Sometimes you’ll notice something out of the ordinary that prompts the appointment. Or perhaps it’s simply time for an annual checkup.

A certified tree doctor helps pinpoint proactive steps to help your trees lead a long, healthy life.

Plus, the tree doctor points out potential risks you may not have noticed. By identifying these problems now, you can avoid potential home damage during the next big storm. Talk about an afternoon well spent!

Learn exactly what happens during a Davey Tree property consultation - step by step. 

  1. First, your local Davey Tree ISA certified arborist talks with you about your immediate need and your landscape goals.

  2. The arborist then examines the specific tree or landscape issue you called about and suggests immediate solutions and long-term treatment options.

  3. Together, you walk through your property, reviewing your green space investment – your trees, shrubs and landscape along the way.

  4. While inspecting each tree and shrub, your arborist is performing a holistic plant health care analysis. Specifically, the arborist is evaluating your tree’s health, site, and soil.

  5. Simultaneously, your arborist is conducting a professional risk assessment. Looking for potential danger, your arborist suggests ways to keep your home safe during treacherous storms.

  6. As a local licensed and insured professional, your Davey Tree arborist is searching for common problems, diseases, and pests in your area. An ISA certified arborist has a trained eye that’s always scanning for subtle signs that something is awry.

  7. Your arborist shares seasonal tips on protecting your tree during the coming season.

  8. Finally, you'll determine your tree’s course of treatment. Your arborist can help you plan for the future, prioritizing items that might be important to treat now, versus others that may not be immediate concerns.

Go ahead and see for yourself what a Davey Tree consultation entails. You can also watch this video to see one in action!

Contact your local Davey Tree arborist today to schedule a complimentary consultation.


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