Surely one of nature’s greatest gifts is the sea of warm plant colors that show up every autumn.

Ruby reds, golden yellows or toasty oranges. No matter the shade, colorful fall plants simply don’t disappoint. So, you can never go wrong with adding even more beauty to your garden by planting new trees, shrubs or flowers in fall.

Wondering what plants bring the best wow-factor? Read about some of the most vibrant options below.

What Are The Best Fall Plants?

Not only is fall a wonderful time to plant new trees and shrubs, but, depending on what plants you pick, planting in fall will give you gorgeous, showy colors as the year winds down. Then, you can enjoy a burst of beautiful blooms come springtime.

Best Trees To Plant For Fall Colors

Looking for a tree with a brilliant fall hue? Here are a few great choices:

  1. Maple tree: It’s almost as if maple trees invented fall color. Sugar maples, red maples or Japanese maples are great picks if you’d like an apple red or golden orange look.
  2. Ginkgo Fall FoliageGinkgo tree: For a tall and lovely plant that reaches high up toward the sun (and has fall leaves that are just as yellow and bright!), try the ginkgo tree.
  3. Crabapple tree: Crabapples don’t limit themselves to one tint. They can switch to shades of red, yellow, orange or burgundy in autumn.
  4. Birch tree: The bright yellow leaves up against the papery white bark of a birch tree make a beautiful fall scene.
  5. Bald cypress tree: These trees bring a reddish-orange glow to your yard in fall.

Best Shrubs To Plant In Fall For Color

For a more compact plant that’ll still shower you in fall color, try one of these shrubs:

  1. Smoke bush: Add a touch of elegance to your yard with a smoke bush that turns royal purple in fall.
  2. Best Shrubs To Plant In FallBurning bush: As the name suggests, this shrub turns fiery red in the fall season.
  3. Forsythia: This shrub doesn’t hold out until fall for vibrant color; it keeps its rich yellow flowers nearly all year.
  4. Oakleaf hydrangea: Purplish-red and pretty is the best way to describe this shrub.
  5. American cranberrybush: Leaves of this shrub turn a deep, crimson red in the fall season.

Best Flowers For Fall Planting For Color

Bring a splash of color to your garden with one of these great fall flowers:

  • Best Flowers For Fall PlantingChrysanthemums: If you’re looking for flowers that bloom in just about every quintessential autumn color, look no further than chrysanthemum fall flowers or “mums.”
  • French marigolds: These eye-catching beauties have bright red flower petals outlined in rich yellow.
  • Pansies: Pansy fall flowers come in tons of colors. Deep purple, warm burgundy and lively yellow? Yes, yes and yes!
  • Asters: This daisy-like flower delivers on fall color but can also bring a reminder of spring with its diverse color palate.

Planning to plant a tree this fall? Here’s how to tell if it’s too late in the season.

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